Tools of Attraction

Tools of Attraction: The Highline

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Carly, photographer (right), Julie, model (left)

“I just put together what looks good in my head.”
“Sometimes, I look like a weird little boy, but usually my uniform is just short skirts.”


Sierra, 21, yoga teacher

Is there one article of clothing someone could wear that makes them instantly more attractive?
“Nice shoes, fly shoes. I feel like that’s important.”


Phel, 28, artist

If you could describe your style in three words, what would they be?
“totally casually erratic”


Xena, 18, student

“I don’t like to wear pants. If a girl can rock a nice t-shirt dress, it always looks good.”


Clay, 19, student

“I like floral patterns, subtle patterns though. Nothing too alienating. I don’t want people to be like ‘Shit, I can’t talk to that guy.'”


Vanessa, 34, baker

Do you have any advice for anyone getting ready in the morning?
“Never leave home without a jacket or your sunglasses.”

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Wear whatever you feel comfortable in that tends to make you really feel cute! If that implies just plain old jeans and a t shirt, then go for it.

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