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What Your Job Says about Your Sex Life, According to Science

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Huge salary? You like sex in the woods.

There are a lot of stereotypes out there about people's careers and their sex lives. Rich people have the most sex, firefighters are perpetually getting laid, bartenders are on a long bender of one-night stands — or at least that's the common belief. But what does science have to say about how your chosen area of expertise affects your extracurricular activities? No two people are alike, but it stands to reason that how you spend eight or more hours of your day might impact your off-time. Here's everything we learned from years of surveys.

Income of over $80,000


The fabulous life might not be so fabulous. A survey of those with incomes over £50,000 a year (that's roughly $80,000 a year) found that a third only have sex once a week. This might actually have a lot to do with sex drive — only 10 percent of respondents who were highly paid reported having a "10 out of 10" sex drive. Which actually makes sense, high-earners spend a lot of their time in the office and might have less time to spend on finding new partners and forging new relationships. However, when high-rollers do end up in bed, they're more adventurous. 45 percent of top earners have tried a threesome at least once, while 83 percent have boned in the great outdoors (tree limbs, the new beds). But maybe being so dominant in the office also makes you more passive in the bedroom — most high earners prefer their partners on top.

Income of $25,000 to 57,000


Getting paid in the mid-range opens up a lot more time, and as it turns out, a lot more legs. Surveys have shown that 12 percent of lower earners have sex at least once a day, while 54 percent of mid-range earners have sex several times a week. Though the middle class is statistically less likely to try threesomes, 40 percent have reportedly tried bondage. They might not have a pension, but they are having more sex.

Mechanics, Chefs, and Computer Jobs


According to a survey of 42,000 people, there are certain jobs that lend themselves to coworker hookups. These include planning and expediting clerks, database administrators, food service managers, automotive technicians, industrial machinery workers, stock clerks, safety specialists, welders, and cooks. If this seems like a motley crew of professions that like to mingle with their colleagues, consider the fact that a lot of these careers are behind a desk or a shop, where a person isn't really exposed to the general public. Fill out one too many spreadsheets next to a comely deskmate, and you might soon find yourself spreading your own sheets (I know, I know. I'm sorry.)



Ah, this is the one you really care about. The hullabaloo over musicians' sex appeal is enough to prove that Homeric sirens really do exist. First, people are attracted to people who can do things they can't do. But it's also evolution: according to a recent study, women in their most fertile phases are abundantly attracted to men who make complex music. When women were ovulating in the study, they wanted short-term flings with the virtuosos and rock stars across the board — complex music is impressive. Hey, as Darwin believed, the primary function of music is sexual courtship. Creativity and adaptability — traits of musicians — have long been considered to be evolutionarily superior traits for mating partners. The phallic guitars help.

Doctors, Lawyers, and CEOs


Studies have shown that if a person is in a position of power (like CEOs, physicians, and lawyers), they are more likely to cheat on their partner. Once thought that unfaithfulness was related to gender, researchers found that people in high management, regardless of gender, were most likely to take on a secret lover. So why are bosses the most likely to step out of their relationships? Long hours could be the culprit, but researchers suggested the confidence that comes with a higher title also translates to more confidence in the bedroom.

Teachers and Government Workers


When married women were surveyed by Redbook, it was found that teachers and government workers are the second most likely career to have sex every day (behind salesmen), 100 percent take part in foreplay, and they're among the most likely to cuddle after sex. These types of jobs are demanding, but teachers and government workers also understand that, during sex, sharing is caring.



Studies have shown that the more artistic you are, the more likely you are to have the most amount of sex. According to a study from the University of Chicago, comparing the sex lives of those with graduate degrees and those who never went to school, people with an Associates in Arts have the most sex — 69.5 times a year. Artists and poets have 233 percent more sexual partners than people who don't make art or write poems. This might have to do with the fact that sonnets mean instant sex, but more likely, artistic individuals are usually more liberal and sexually open than squares. How many times has quoting Neruda gotten someone laid? The answer is a lot.

Traffic Cops, Fast Food Workers, and Military Members


Sometimes people make the mistake of turning down partners due to their job descriptions. Voucherland conducted a survey of British men and women are determined that the least sexually appealing careers were ones that left partners away from the home, were dangerous, and those considered to be dirty. These patently unsexy careers include: traffic cop, truck driver, military member, stripper, fast food worker, taxi driver, used car salesperson, garbage collector, and politicians. They may be less appealing en masse, but that doesn't mean the good people who work these jobs aren't getting it.

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