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This Extremely Protective ‘Thong-Condom’ Is Possibly the World’s Worst Condom

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In general, condom developers have been working under a similar set of assumptions: we want our condoms thinner, smaller, and less obtrusive. These are reasonable assumptions: people, in general, want their condoms to be as much like no condoms as possible.

But a team of undergraduates in China has another idea, reports RocketNews24: make a condom as big as humanly possible. Everyone else is designing barely-there condoms? Ha! They will design the most there condom in the history of condoms, a condom so prominent that it literally doubles as an item of clothing. It is called the Eros Protector, and it will, as promised, protect all the parts of your Eros, because not only is this thing a condom, it is also a thong. Specifically, a thong complete with “a special pouch that goes over the testicles.” Here is what it looks like:


There is no fear of leaks with the Eros Protector, because all the Eros is completely covered with latex. There is also no fear of not having a condom on you, because you are wearing a thong with a built-in condom. Did you use up that condom? No problem, because the apparatus comes with a pocket that dispenses specially designed backup condoms, which “screw into place on the front of the thong.” With $300,000 of investment money already behind the project, the Eros Protector has everything. Everything, except possibly a market base.