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The Sex Addict Who Was Attracted to Whole Families

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I met Mark while I was in sex addiction rehab. He was a corporate, low 6 figure type. Wife and kids in the suburbs. The thing is about Mark was he wanted to fuck everyone. You might be like “oh, big surprise your at sex addiction rehab!” But no. I mean that he actually wanted to fuck everyone. I mean like everyone. Your mom, your nephew, your football coach. Everyone.

The staff at the rehab would give a test called an IAT. It’s supposed to make some people come to terms with the fact that they want to bang kids. It’s kind of like a stimulus response kind of thing, where they show you photos of a 6 year old boy and a 25 year old hot chick. Suffice it to say, your dick doesn’t lie. If you’re into little boys your dick gets hard for little boys if you like hot chicks your dick gets hard for hot chicks. You get the idea.

Then pedophiles would wander around for days moaning that test was wrong, and he really didn’t want to fuck kids at all.

Mark wasn’t like that. He would just tell you. He wanted to fuck everyone.

This was his template. If it was a young girl, young boy, adult male, adult female, he didn’t really care. He wanted to fuck it.

Imagine walking around Chuky Cheesie and getting off on everyone. I mean everyone. From the chubby teen age girl taking your ticket, to the 6 year old boy playing skee ball, and then you turn around and look at some moms fat ass, and then when you are taking a leak you look at the dudes cock next to you.

That’s a wild ride.

He also liked looking in windows. That’s how he got to rehab in the first place. He got caught.

He would go out at night for a jog. Sometimes he would jog when his wife was asleep. He lived in a nice neighborhood in California, the kind of place where a young newly married hero would live.

Eventually he got kind of obsessed with a family down the street. Mom, Dad and a 9 year old boy. He would go most nights and watch them. He would time his jogs for the son’s bed time and watch the kid take his clothes off and get into bed. Then he would watch the mom and the dad move around the house or watch TV and drink wine or fuck. And he would jerk off to the whole scene.

I think he liked the dad the most. I think he said that. I can’t recall for sure. I do recall that at least once he said he went inside the house and beat off next to the kid’s bed.

He used to say it was like an electrical current. That when he went out at night it was like his whole body was just charged right the fuck up and he felt so, so high.

So at some point he got caught. He didn’t get caught in the house, and he didn’t get caught beating off, but he did get caught outside someone else’s house. Looking in a window with his eyes wild, his heart beating out of his chest, explaining to a cop why he, a six figure family man, was standing in someone’s backyard in the middle of the night. Next to a window. Wearing a running suit. With a cute little haircut.

So he went to rehab.

After 30 days or so at the rehab they said he seemed better. He went home to his wife. I don’t know what happened to him.

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