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Rose & Olive
Houston neighbors pull back the curtains and expose each otherís lives.
Your daily cup of WTF?
Date Machine
Putting your baggage to good use.
The Modern Materialist
Almost everything you want.
Autumn Sonnichsen
A fashionable L.A. photo editor exploring all manner of hyper-sexual girls down south.
The Hooksexup Film Blog
The creator of poses his pretty posse.
The Remote Island
Hooksexup's TV blog.
61 Frames Per Second
Smarter gaming.
The Hooksexup Film Blog
Each month a new artist; each image a new angle. This month: American Suburb X.
Paper Airplane Crush
A San Francisco photographer on the eternal search for the girls of summer.

new this week
A Life in Lips by Elizabeth Manus
Twelve men, twelve kisses. /personal essays/
Dating Confessions by You
"I never realized how much I liked you until today."
Screengrab Q&A: In a Dream by Sarah Clyne Sundberg
Jeremiah Zagar wanted to capture his parentsí love affair on film. Then it fell apart. /interviews/
Miss Information by Erin Bradley
How do I know if I'm gay? /advice/
Horoscopes by the Hooksexup Staff
Your week ahead. /advice/
Bad Sex with Ssagala Ndugwa by Ssagala Ndugwa
She thought I was a Magnum man. /regulars/
The Hooksexup Date by Allison Michael Orenstein
For a special anniversary, rekindling the first-time flame ... /photography/
Dating Advice from . . . Jazz Musicians by Steph Auteri
Q: What would appear on your ultimate playlist of seduction? A: The greatest album in the history of date music is...
special issue archives


In this issue: 
I Did it for Science: First Time
by Grant Stoddard
Exploring virgin territory.
Fear Factor
by Paul Festa
The first time I had sex with someone who was HIV positive.
/personal essays/
The First Time She Died While Having Sex
by Susannah Breslin
"She was going, and she was going, and then she was gone."
The Accidental Sex God
by Luke Sutherland
"And she goes: 'I came. First time ever. I just got two off you and we hardly did anything.'"
Oedipus Sex
by Steven Rinella
The first time I slept with a mother.
/personal essays/
First Love
photography by Ellen Stagg
"We'll get this car moving out over the road's open legs. We'll run it out past what you know."
by Jack Murnighan
The first time I hit someone during sex.
/personal essays/
Grudge Match
by Jennifer Rabin
The first time I had sex with someone I hated.
/personal essays/
Innocence Abroad
by Steven Elliot
A tourist takes the road less traveled - with a dominatrix.
First, Last & Security
by Ondine Galsworth
Three first times I cheated.
/personal essays/


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