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Group Groping by Tobin Levy
How friend communities influence our sexual direction. A Q&A with Ethan Watters, author of Urban Tribes.

Scanner by the Hooksexup staff
In the readings section: Britney/Madonna fan fiction and Republican fetish gear.

Intimacy by Henry Wren
"I may have to drive around Iwo Jima several times, waiting to be sure they're completely done."

Male Models Needed by Liz Conlon
Seeking face time with strangers, a photographer posts a help-wanted ad.

Orientalia by Reagan Louie
Inside the Asian sex industry, a different view of person-as-product.

The Weekend Review by Hooksexup staff
Serial snuggler apprehended; child marriage officially frowned upon.

About Last Night: Girl Walks Into a Bar by Carrie Hill Wilner
Driven out of her apartment by post-hookup anxiety, Carrie goes in search of a sexless good time.

The Birds and the Bees by Em & Lo
Everything we needed to know about sex, we learned in kindergarten.

The Hooksexup Interview: Ricky Gervais by Grant Stoddard
"Americans saved British comedy:" Talking shop with the star of the brilliant sitcom The Office.

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Dmitri Nabokov is an opera singer and a translator. He translated most of the Russian novels, short stories and plays of his father, Vladimir Nabokov, from Russian into English.
Hooksexup Features:    On Lo's Diary
Mitsuo Nagasawa is a reporter in Japan. After he worked as an editor and writer at a Japanese porn magazine, he wrote his best-selling AV Actresses in 1996, in which he interviewed forty-two AV (adult video) actresses in their late teens or early twenties.
Hooksexup Features:    The Mainata Show: Us and Them
Hikaru Natsumi is the author of Fuzoko-jyo Natsumi Hikaru no Seiteki Boken (The Sexual Adventure of Hikaru Natsumi), her popular memoir of her experiences in the sex industry of Japan.
Hooksexup Features:    Welcome to the Flesh Market, Terekura
Dave Naz was born in 1969 in Los Angeles, Ca. He worked as a musician touring and putting out records in the 80's and early 90's. In '95 he picked up the camera and started photographing people. He has no formal training. Dave lives with his dog Mauley in Los Angeles.
Hooksexup Features:    Panties
Carissa Neff is a mountain girl turned Pacific Rim flight attendant turned writer. She writes poetry, plays and nonfiction. Her poetry has most recently been published in American Diaspora: Poetry of Exile, and her one-act comedy Up in the Air was produced this past spring at Florida State University, where she currently teaches creative nonfiction. She is presently at work on a book of "snapshot" memoirs entitled Self-Rising.
Hooksexup Features:    My Husband's Barely Legal
Ben Neihart grew up in Florida and Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He got his M.A. from Johns Hopkins University in 1994. He is the author of the novel Hey Joe and Burning Girl and his stories have appeared in The New Yorker.
Hooksexup Features:    The #1 Song in the Country, Burning Boys
Rob Nelson Rob Nelson, a second-generation photographer, made his career choice while attending an all-male boarding school in the Canadian North. He has shot for Shift and Interview and currently resides in Toronto.
Hooksexup Features:    Shot In The Dark
Daniel M. Nester Daniel Nester is the author of God Save My Queen (Soft Skull Press), a song-by-song meditation on his obsession with the rock band Queen. He is the editor of the online journal Unpleasant Event Schedule , as well as a contributing editor for Painted Bride Quarterly and DUCKY . His work has appeared in Open City, Columbia Poetry Review, LIT, Crazyhorse, and The Best American Poetry 2003. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.
Hooksexup Features:    Fat Bottomed Girls, Restless
Susan Neville won the Richard Sullivan Prize for Short Fiction for her recent collection of stories In the House of Blue Lights. Her first collection, Invention of Flight, won the Flannery O'Connor Award.
Hooksexup Features:    Terrarium
Annalee Newitz lives in San Francisco, where she writes about sex and high-tech culture. Find out the gory details at
Hooksexup Features:    Sunny
Amy Newman is the author of Order, or Disorder and Camera Lyrica. Her poems and essays appear in Denver Quarterly, Colorado Review, The Gettysburg Review, Quarter After Eight and elsewhere. Work from her new manuscript is forthcoming in The Ohio Review, The Journal and Willow Springs. She teaches at Northern Illinois University.
Hooksexup Features:    Drive, The Hooksexup Sequence
Dianora Niccolini was born in Florence, Italy. She has been a fine art photographer, specializing in male nudes, for twenty-five years. Her work has appeared in ten anthologies of photography on the body, and hangs in the collections of The International Center of Photography, The Museum of Fine Arts, Texas and The Alternative Museum in New York City, among others.
Hooksexup Features:    Neoclassical Nudes
HeidiLynn Nilsson lives in Virginia and teaches English at a Catholic school.
Hooksexup Features:    The Winter Indefinite
Barbara Nitke began her career shooting stills on porn movie sets. She currently teaches a photo workshop at the School of Visual Arts in New York and shoots on assignment for various television shows, magazines and corporations. Her specialty and great love is exploring sexuality through photography.
Hooksexup Features:    Memoirs of a Porn Photographer
Bernadette Noll is a freelance writer who has written for and The Austin Chronicle, among others. She lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband Kenny and their two-year-old daughter Lucy. They are currently expecting their second child.
Hooksexup Features:    Nine and A Half Months
Sakiko Nomura currently lives and works in Tokyo, Japan. Her work has been shown in solo exhibitions in Tokyo at the Egg Gallery, Apt Gallery, Gallery Verita and Gallery Eve. Her photographs were recently published in the book Japanese Photography: Desire and Void. She has been the studio assistant to Nobuyoshi Araki since 1991.
Hooksexup Features:    Like Lovers
D. Nurkse's books of poetry include Voices Over Water, Staggered Lights, The Shadow Wars and Leaving Xaia. He is the recipient of a Whiting Writers Award and two NEA fellowships. He has published poems in The New Yorker, The Paris Review and the Yale Review. He serves as Poet Laureate of Brooklyn and teaches in the prison system.
Hooksexup Features:    Unlit Rooms, Men, Shelter
Emily Nussbaum is the former editor-in-chief of, and she is currently working as a freelance journalist. She writes regularly for the New York Times and Slate, among other publications.
Hooksexup Features:    What It Feels Like for a Girl, Sideshow Throb, Girls' Night Out, The New Fantasy, The Hooksexup 100, Arch Deluxe, Little Bo Sleaze


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