You Can Now Put Ryan Gosling’s Face on Your Panties

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Ryan Gosling

Underwear is very intimate, but then again, so are your feelings for Ryan Gosling. You can pick up this pair of sheer lace panties (with a familiar face on them) for $42 from Etsy’s Bullets and Bees Boutique — they also sell Star Wars and Alf-themed underthings, not to mention that they’ll gladly custom print a photo of your choice on a pair of panties.

Customized underwear is hot. It’s like a secret tattoo, a statement made for the sole benefit of yourself and the people you happen to be sleeping with (and everyone else, too, if you’re inclined to lounge around in your skivvies). But I’m curious — is it considered proper etiquette to wear panties featuring a photo of your sexual partner, or is that a turn-off? Or if I’m just super, non-sexually into pizza (which, for the record, I am), should I consider ordering pizza panties? I have all these questions and more.

Anyway, I suspect it won’t be long before Macaulay Culkin is photographed wearing a T-shirt of Ryan Gosling wearing a T-shirt of Macualay Culkin wearing Ryan Gosling panties.

[h/t Incredible Things]

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