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Jennifer Baumgardner


Trouble in Numbers

 DISPATCHES   Send to a Friend   Printer Friendly Format   Leave Feedback   Read Feedback   Hooksexup RS…

The Bedroom Interview: Joan Osborne

 DISPATCHES It has taken Joan Osborne some time to recover from the celebrity that slammed into her life in 1995, when she ma…

Chicken Soup for the Cock

 OPINIONS    Lesbian Sex Secrets for Men: What Every Man Wants to Know About Making Love to a Woman and Never Asks …

The Bedroom Interview: The Indigo Girls’ Amy Ray

 DISPATCHES In order to get Amy Ray to do this bedroom interview, I had to have sex with her. Before and after. Fortunately, …

Still Germaine After All These Years

 OPINIONS    The Whole Woman  by Germaine Greer   (Alfred A. Knopf, 1999, hardcover, 384 pages)…