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I know what you’re thinking. People can’t do two things at once. Walking down the street and chewing gum? Impossible. Well, have you ever heard of a little action star named Jackie Chan? Yes, that Jackie Chan. The one whose gag reel over the credits is always better than the movie. The one who’s been in like a million Hollywood movies but still doesn’t speak English entirely fluently. You know what? He can do all that — and he sings opera. Now how do you feel about yourself?

Okay he doesn’t sing and fight at the same time. But Jackie’s not some fly by night Bacon Brother or a weekend warrior bluesman like Steven Seagal. Chan’s got pipes. He was schooled in Opera from a young age. (The image of Jackie Chan shuffling across town in his martial arts get up to vocal lessons give us great joy.) From there he went on to release over 20 albums in a bunch of different languages. Mostly they’re in Cantonese but you get the impression from listening to them that you would be way into it if you were way into those things.

The following are a few of our favorites:

First up is a duet he did with an actress named Kim Hee Sun for a movie he did called The Myth. The song is called Endless Love. The beautiful thing here is the touching, saccharin vocals over Chan kicking someone’s ass with a sword.

Next Jackie tells us to believe in ourselves in his song Believe in Yourself. And if you didn’t believe in yourself before, ya do now. Cause Jackie told you to.

Finally we get a little Jackie in English. Ellen, purveyor of little white girls rapping on the internet, asked Jackie to sing a little bit of an Elvis tune to honor the King’s birthday. Hearing him in English, maybe we do prefer to hear those Nicki Minaj singing toddlers.


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