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Hooksexup’s Commenting Guidelines

Our goal is to start conversations, and we love comments that are funny, lively, and opinionated. So please, jump in and tell everyone what you think, as often as you like. 

We hate having to delete comments, but we will if you’re detracting from other people's experience of the site. It’s not censorship; it’s common sense. We’re hosting a party, and you're invited, but if you start ruining it for everyone else, we’re going to call you a cab. These are the house rules:

• Comments are for talking about the subject of the article; stick to the matter at hand. If you’ve got something to say about the site as a whole or questions about our editorial mission, email . If you’ve got a technical problem, email .

•  No racism, sexism, or hate speech of any kind. (We hope you knew that.)  

•  No spam. If you’ve got a link that’s relevant to the story, you can include it, but it might accidentally get flagged as spam. Apologies if that happens.

•  No personal attacks. It’s fine to disagree with what a Hooksexup writer or commenter writes, but keep it to what they say, not who they are.

•  If you complain about the presence of ads, we’ll delete it. Ads are a fact of life (we’ve gotta eat!). If there's a problem with a specific ad, email us at .

•  If you point out a typo, we’ll fix it and delete your comment, since it’s not going to start a conversation (and we’re a little embarrassed). We produce a huge amount of content, and the odd error slips through.


If you're confused about why your comment was deleted, please feel free to drop us a line – and thanks for reading.