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The Top 43 Sexiest U.S. Presidents

Hail to the chief.

It's President's Day and just like every year, lists ranking the efficacy, intelligence, and popularity of the forty-three U.S. Presidents abound. Here at Hooksexup, we put together our own list, celebrating the most important presidential characteristic: sex appeal.

43.) Richard Nixon

Certainly the least sexy person connected in any way to Deep Throat, Richard Nixon is irredeemable. The receding brow, the virulent racism, the opposition to everything sexy about the '60s. This man gives the lie to the idea that power is always sexy.

42.) William Howard Taft

There's not much to say about Taft, except that out of all the presidents, he definitely bore the strongest resemblance to Garfield the cat. He ended the Progressive Era and later became Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, but we're guessing the only thing you know about him is that he once got stuck in the White House bathtub.

41.) Warren G. Harding

He had a face like putty and a dour look only a banker could love. Also, his name was Warren. Unsexy.

40.) Benjamin Harrison

He was chubby, old, and undistinguished. Very few have ever fantasized about Benjamin Harrison, possibly because most people have forgotten he existed.

39.) Grover Cleveland

Cleveland was the only man to serve two non-consecutive terms, thereby screwing up the numbering system — thanks for that, buddy. He was also very ugly.

38.) John Quincy Adams

Quincy Adams looks like an angrier, skinner, balder version of his father (no prize himself).

37.) John Adams

He gave us most of the legal principles we value dearly, but he did not do New England proud in the looks department, with a face that wouldn't be out of place at a Belushi family reunion. (And actually, there's a reason Paul Giamatti got cast in his biopic.)

36.) William Henry Harrison

He had a big nose, a bad comb-over, and luckily for him, the Darwin Awards were still over a century away from their inception: after refusing to wear an overcoat while giving his Inaugural Address, he caught pneumonia, and died a month into his term. FAIL.

35.) Herbert Hoover

The puckered old-man face is a turn-off, but causing the Great Depression is worse.

34.) Millard Fillmore

He's ugly, he knows it, and he doesn't care. (Which, actually, is kind of sexy... but still.)

33.) James Buchanan

A giant, white-haired baby.

32.) Rutherford B. Hayes

Rutherford B. Hayes botched Reconstruction, to the lasting detriment of African-Americans. He also had a stupid beard.

31.) James Madison

Sure, he's the father of the Constitution, but he was only five-foot-four.

30.) Calvin Coolidge

The strong, silent type... in an off-putting, "please don't make my skin into a lampshade" kind of way.

29.) William McKinley

McKinley's huge forehead and stern demeanor remind us of a high-school principal, and while some people out there harbor leftover teacher-student fantasies, we're not among them.

28.) Chester A. Arthur

Arthur was not a very attractive man, but he rocked some outrageous muttonchops. (Here, let's take a closer look.) Confidence is sexy, and it definitely takes confidence to look like that.


Commentarium (331 Comments)

Feb 13 10 - 12:52am

Right on with TR at number one.

Feb 07 12 - 2:44pm

who is tr
You like him?

Apr 19 12 - 10:59pm

richard nixion is serious !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 13 10 - 1:06pm

George W. Bush is actually related to Franklin Pierce through his mother, who's maiden name is Pierce, which is kind of funny.

Feb 07 12 - 2:41pm

never knew that

Feb 13 10 - 1:16pm

Arthur should be higher; very classy dresser. And while I agree Harding was ugly, he was considered handsome in his time; part of the reason he was nominated was to appeal to women, since they'd just gotten the vote.

Feb 13 10 - 1:16pm

Obama has to be #1.

Feb 25 11 - 1:10pm

Obama is shit. Wake up.

Feb 26 11 - 12:59am

George W. Anus delivered Obama

Mar 13 11 - 4:24am
michael mccurry

i hate obama. hes a piece of shit

Apr 01 11 - 10:06pm

i know right he sucks

Apr 03 11 - 7:42pm

obama is a one term president.

May 12 11 - 3:22am

The fact that conservatives fear him is half his sex appeal.

May 25 11 - 1:01am

I love you Salvatore.

Jul 13 11 - 10:30am

A lot of hateful people here. Good god.

Feb 23 12 - 11:29pm

i love obama.

Feb 13 10 - 1:28pm

TR number one is great. FDR would be number one if not for the polio.

Aug 25 12 - 4:02pm

FDR is number one on my list, polio and all.

Feb 13 10 - 1:47pm

This is the most hype Franklin Pierce has ever received. His family thanks you Hooksexup!!

Sep 28 11 - 4:45pm
Buy oem

e7CMm9 Honestly, not bad news!...

Nov 14 11 - 5:07pm
Le Moose

You're related too?

Feb 13 10 - 6:14am

Everyone knows New Hamshiremen are hot. Pierce no exception. But Bush Jr. and Reagan in the top 10? I call liberal apologist fucktard bullshit.

Feb 13 10 - 6:15am

Nice call for Teddy Roosevelt. And I say that as a descendent of two of the least sexy presidents (to whom I fortunately bear no resemblance), John Adams and John Q.

Feb 13 10 - 9:07am

Pierce went to college with Hawthorne and Longfellow, at Bowdoin.
which means A) He played hockey. B) He liked beer. C) He could read to you(in bed).

The answer is D) All of the above.

Jan 20 12 - 6:34pm

what? played Hockey, liked beer and read to people in bed? I am becoming more fond of this president...

Feb 13 10 - 11:06am

A giant white-haired baby was laugh out loud funny.

Feb 14 10 - 1:30am

Teddy! A fine president and a fine lay. He was also the youngest president elected to office. Danka.

Feb 25 11 - 1:17am

nope, he was the youngest man to hold the office, but was not elected his first term, JFK was youngest ever elected

Feb 14 10 - 1:33am

very smart and funny

Feb 13 10 - 2:48pm

@TwL:Not trying to be a prick, but technically that's not true. At 42, TR was the youngest to take office after McKinley was assasinated. At 43, JFK was the youngest elected to office. Still a great pick though!

Feb 13 10 - 3:36pm

When I saw the title of this post, the first President I thought of was Teddy Roosevelt and Ulysses S Grant. Needless to say, SO disappointed to see Ulysses make top 10 as I think he was a stud (, but I'm definitely loving the TR love.

P.S. I'm still laughing about the giant white haired baby!

Feb 13 10 - 4:33pm

43? There's 43 sexy presidents? Really?! Jeez, i must be a f'n 10! ... believe me i'm no ten. There's nothing remotely about 90% of these men that exude sex. This is one of the worst "articles" i have ever skimmed through. Eww.

Feb 13 10 - 4:54pm

Teddy was a racist, and a blatant imperialist.


Feb 21 11 - 7:40pm

Manners, NJ. If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all

Jan 29 12 - 12:34pm
Tasia Loveheart

So true. Be Respectful.

Feb 13 10 - 5:14pm

I'm related to Herbert Hoover. Sigh.

Feb 13 10 - 7:28pm

Interesting picks. You didn't consider weatlth as a factor.

Feb 13 10 - 7:32pm

this list is false.

Feb 13 10 - 7:36pm

The rankings are off, because for many of the Presidents you are relying on only a single official portrait, which might or might not accurately reflect one's sex appeal. But also, you cut Reagan a break because you refer to how he looked when he was younger, but you don't do the same for any other, when in fact most of them probably did look much better in their younger days.

Feb 13 10 - 7:41pm

...for instance, the portrait of Buchanan here is far more dashing than you give him credit for:

Feb 13 10 - 7:59pm

JFK should have been number 1.

Feb 13 10 - 8:00pm

Please both Carter and Ford are better looking than TR.Ford even got work as a male model in his younger days. My top five would be JFK,Obama,Ford,Carter and Jefferson

Feb 13 10 - 8:09pm

This was an excellent read. I am home alone and couldn't help but lol!
B hosk michigan. loved teddy, barack, and oh yeah bill clinton

Feb 13 10 - 8:15pm

Teddy Roosevelt was the youngest to become president. John F. Kennedy was the youngest elected president.

Feb 13 10 - 8:23pm

FDR beats TR, even with polio--in Jean Edward Smith's bio, he quotes one socialite calling FDR the "most desirable" man she ever met. Pure animal magnetism. But I have to put Jefferson at #1--everyone loves a weird sexy literary type.

Feb 13 10 - 8:37pm

Mmmm, Woodrow Wilson. In my book, you're always number 1

Nov 09 11 - 4:27pm

Dear lord! I thought I was the only one! He is absolutely the sexiest president. He can show me his Fourteen Points any day of the week.

Feb 13 10 - 8:40pm

Barack Obama is #1. Or at least 2nd after Teddy Roosevelt.

Feb 25 11 - 1:13pm

What's wrong with you? Obama is a scumbag; he isn't even close to being ANYWHERE near the same league as our presidents.

Jun 06 11 - 5:14pm

This is about physical attractiveness, not how they will rank historically, which history will tell that tale. I'm sorry you are so filled with hate.

Dec 14 11 - 3:47pm
Anon E Mouse

"The same league as OUR presidents"??? What country are you from? Oh, is it just that you're upset for being fat, white, ugly, and balding? LOL..Oh, and I'm sure you stink with the stinch of bologna. I see why you're so full of hate.

Jan 19 12 - 12:54am

Of course he feels that way

Feb 13 10 - 8:51pm

Liberals (oh forgive me they want to be call progressive now) are blowing gaskets over Reagan and Bush in the top 10. Huge ears,skinny and the innate ability to read a teleprompter is sexy how?

Jun 23 11 - 7:57pm

The teleprompter thing is so lame seriously. You are just jealous b/c Bush really sucked at it

Feb 13 10 - 9:05pm

Dear Hooksexup editors, I appreciate The Huffington Post and the breath of its perspective however, Hooksexup has now defined my line of appreciation; this article lacks substance, correct grammar and any appreciable ability to write. And after reading the comments, Hooksexup lacks also a credible audience.

Mar 30 11 - 4:15pm

I think you meant breadth.

Feb 13 10 - 9:35pm

JFK SHOULDA BEEN # 1 :] but great choice for Theodore Roosevelt..he's rugged.

Feb 13 10 - 9:46pm

Dear "P" above me:

Your comment "lacks substance, correct grammar and any appreciable ability to write."

Maybe some editing of your own would knock your ass off that pedestal you've elevated yourself to.

With love,
A Credible Audience Member

Feb 13 10 - 11:02pm

Agree with the previos comment.

Feb 13 10 - 11:04pm

Dear AHT, thank you, you are an excellent example.

Feb 13 10 - 11:10pm

Yes p, this article DOES lack the ability to write; articles do not write, they are written. When you find a periodical for which the articles write themselves, please alert us.

Feb 13 10 - 11:13pm

P, you are not the sexiest commentor, but certainly the most bitter. But back to the list - loved it. I think you were generous with Lincoln though

Feb 14 10 - 1:30pm

I totally see why Teddy is number 1. :D Hot.

Feb 14 10 - 1:37pm

I have to say...this has got to be the stupid'est list ever created. Kudo's for your ingenuity! Simply put: what is "hot" today will be "not" tomorrow. Once upon a time, heavy women were all the rage. Now, not so much.

So, you're gonna rate centuries' old dead-guy's on their "sex-appeal...??" Must be a really slow day over there at Hooksexup!


Feb 14 10 - 2:02am

I think it's just so cool to be talking about fmr presidents in any context. When I watch things like "jaywalking" (jay leno) I am left to wonder if there is any intelligent life in these united states! lighten up "P" there are worse things to talk about!

Mar 26 12 - 10:50pm

i think they should put the presidents naked on the wed site and then them having sex on youtube that would be funny they should do that

Feb 14 10 - 2:23am

Barack Obama sexy ? WTF. The guy looks like that cartoon character - what's his name " Curious George ! " As a matter of fact so did Dubya ! LOL !

Feb 14 10 - 2:38am

I object to Herbert Hoover being so far down in the list. First off it is simplistic to blame him for a global economic catastrophe, and second, when he was young he was as hot as any President! In that painting he's like 85! Give him a break!

Feb 14 10 - 2:47am

James Buchanan never married and lived with his male secretary while President. Hmmm????

Feb 14 10 - 4:14am

Obama is totally hot

Feb 25 11 - 1:14pm

What you mean is, he's totally shit.

Feb 14 10 - 9:01am

[Teddy! A fine president and a fine lay. He was also the youngest president elected to office. Danka.]

TR was not the youngest President ever elected. He was the youngest man ever to become President (through assassination). JFK was the youngest man every elected President.

Feb 14 10 - 9:10am

Until reading this, I never once in my life had "Richard Nixon" and "sex" together in the same thought. Thanks for nothing. Ugh.

Feb 14 10 - 11:09am

My grandma hooked up with Harry Truman (very early on) -- she said he was "fresh." Obviously way before Bess. Thanks for this entertaining list...agree with the rankings and I'll have to check up on that hottie Franklin Pierce. And Polk, who had definite potential. Yowsa!

May 22 12 - 4:10pm

the ultra conservitive Harry Truman are you kidding me? get the fuck out of here!

Feb 14 10 - 11:19am

Your choice for number seven-George W. Bush is ridiculous. Arrogance in your own absurdity is never sexy. He isn't eye candy either.

Feb 14 10 - 11:20am

Obama #2? Surely this ugly man with the evil eyes of hell should not be on any list other than the list of enemies of America and mankind.

Jun 25 11 - 2:18pm

UR paranoid

Feb 14 10 - 11:55am

Buchanan was gay. And Jefferson was not that sexy when he was president. I'd switch him and Clinton.

Feb 14 10 - 12:19pm

Obama should be #1 and Chester A. Arthur # 2. Most WOMEN would agree with the pick for #1 except for the racist ass holes. Men aren't qualified to vote. That includes gay men, most of whom refer to each other as, "She" thereby negating their judgment and credibility.

Feb 25 11 - 1:17pm

Wake up and use your brains. Obama is scum and the country will be better off when the White House is white again.

Mar 04 11 - 12:07am

America is a sick country. This man accomplished more in 2 years (Of GOOD things I might add) than many have accomplished in 8. I guess you can't get beyond your racism to realize how awesome our president is.

Mar 04 11 - 3:31pm

and btw. He's IS white (as well as black), so we DO have a white president as well as a black president. melanin solely affects the likeliness of whether you are going to get a sunburn and nothing else other than that.

Feb 14 10 - 12:45pm

"W" doesn't look anything like his father. He's acually looks EXACTLY like his mother. Line up pics of Babs, "W" and Jenna, and it looks like a very successful triple cloning.

Feb 14 10 - 12:47pm

Obama is the sexiest and should be #1.

Feb 25 11 - 1:20pm

Take your head out of his black ass and wake up. He has no business even being in the White House except for uninformed young idiots who unfortunately have the right to vote before they can think straight, and are easily swayed by smooth talk.

Mar 04 11 - 12:10am

Uniformed? You have a serious problem, Steve. Why don't you actually educate yourself instead of sticking to Fox news. You need to get beyond skin color

Feb 14 10 - 12:53pm

Re Franklin Pierce, my mother is also a Pierce, but tracing her ancestry I found
that Franklin had no descendants who lived into adolescence. How come Barbara is
so cool? Has anyone asked her?


Feb 15 10 - 1:01am

If I were a women notrhing would urge me to turn my head except when BC is arround....
From the GripeVibew.... & Donag..//

Feb 15 10 - 1:17am

#17 is pretty high for LBJ....he doesn't belong in the top 30

Feb 15 10 - 1:40am

you have let your own personal opinions dictate you choices I disagree with most of them. for obama being third you are way off his mouth is to big and his ears make him look like dumbo getting ready to fly and his face is too skinny and I don't want to see him without his shirt.

Feb 14 10 - 2:34pm

Who put this list together? Was there a group of people? TR #1? Please. He was short, stout, and asthmatic. Richard Nixon at #43 is silly. GWB is not as attractive as his father was. Jerry Ford is behind a whole bunch of uglies. It really is a lousy list and as a woman, I can tell you that it is just plain wrong.

Feb 14 10 - 3:06pm

Gerald Ford was a Male Model and was on the cover of COSMO!!

Calvin Coolidge was considered an extremely attractive man while he was in office.

What the hell is the criteria? At first i thought it was just looking at their presidential portrait and nothing else, then all these things about their achievements come into the comments but unfortunately the comments reveal this author doesn't know crap about real American history. They seem to know even less about the presidents who aren't 20th century or later.

Franklin Pierce gets that high on the list as an ALCOHOLIC who drank himself out of the oval office? Yet Nixon gets all of his foibles held against him.

It seems the author didn't even bother to learn about the presidents.

Feb 14 10 - 3:17pm

Gerald Ford was a Male Model and was on the cover of COSMO!!

Calvin Coolidge was considered an extremely attractive man while he was in office.

What the hell is the criteria? At first i thought it was just looking at their presidential portrait and nothing else, then all these things about their achievements come into the comments but unfortunately the comments reveal this author doesn't know crap about real American history. They seem to know even less about the presidents who aren't 20th century or later.

Franklin Pierce gets that high on the list as an ALCOHOLIC who drank himself out of the oval office? Yet Nixon gets all of his foibles held against him.

It seems the author didn't even bother to learn about the presidents.

Feb 14 10 - 3:49pm

Gerald Ford was a Male Model and was on the cover of COSMO!!

Calvin Coolidge was considered an extremely attractive man while he was in office.

What the hell is the criteria? At first i thought it was just looking at their presidential portrait and nothing else, then all these things about their achievements come into the comments but unfortunately the comments reveal this author doesn't know crap about real American history. They seem to know even less about the presidents who aren't 20th century or later.

Franklin Pierce gets that high on the list as an ALCOHOLIC who drank himself out of the oval office? Yet Nixon gets all of his foibles held against him.

It seems the author didn't even bother to learn about the presidents.

Feb 14 10 - 3:51pm

Two of your bottom five fathered illegitimate children. So they couldn't have been all that unsexy.

Feb 14 10 - 4:03pm

Nobody got more a$$ than Warren G. Harding. His sex life made Bill Clinton look like a choirboy. Obviously a few women found him attractive.

Feb 14 10 - 4:26pm

Are some of these comments for real? lighten up...its all in fun. You are reading it off a website for "love, sex, culture". Being sexy is more than just looks anyway. Besides everyone has different opinions on what is attractive. And yes, Obama is sexy, ears and all!

Feb 14 10 - 4:43pm

Obama looks like a black Alfred E. Newman. What me worry.

Feb 14 10 - 6:42pm

Blll Clinton, always my #1

Feb 14 10 - 6:59pm

I thought I'd see Obama and Kennedy as numbers 1 and 2. I saved that picture of him with his shirt off. And I still have it! ;)

Feb 25 11 - 1:22pm

Instead of being a black-ass kisser, use your brain and see what a mess the country is in and stop fantasizing about that scumbag.

Mar 04 11 - 12:12am

I'm sorry that you have a serious problem with anyone admitting that they are attracted to chocolate. Black is beautiful. I'm sorry you are so racist.

Feb 14 10 - 7:06pm

To h, 8th down from top - Anyone born in Massachusettes has been in some way a decendent of John and John Quincy Adams. And Sam Adams! ;)

Feb 14 10 - 7:26pm

Move Grant up. Not a drunk (common misperception), the guy Kicked Robert E. Lee's ass and saved the Union...gotta count for something!!!

Feb 14 10 - 8:56pm

The Mr. Cool Obama photo with the sunglasses and the black suit.....sigh.

Feb 25 11 - 1:23pm

You're another idiot that has been swayed by a big dumb grin and fast talk.

Mar 04 11 - 12:13am

Steve, get your racist ass off this site

Feb 14 10 - 9:39pm

JFK should have been number one

Feb 14 10 - 10:43pm

Right on with TR, he was one our great Renaissance Men, a fighter, peacemaker, author, outdoorsman, conservationist, a great speaker and inspiration for modern men. Yeah, he had his flaws, but he pretty much created the national parks and was once shot on the way to a speech... and went on to give the speech and finish out the event, before finally going to the hospital hours later.

Feb 14 10 - 10:48pm

Aw...cmon, it's just contrariarism not to put JFK in number one. He makes me feel a little gay.

Feb 14 10 - 10:49pm

I guess tastes change. My American text book in high school referred to Warren G. Harding as "one of the handsomest men of his generation." His playboy good looks seem to be the one of the only positive things to say about his regrettable term in office.
On the other hand, maybe some people's looks actually IMPROVE with in the light of history. In his own lifetime, Abraham Lincoln was considered a singularly ugly man. Every few years modern scientist and medical researchers publish some new theory to explain this face only a mother could love. Based largely on analysis of surviving photographs, his facial features have been used as evidence for a whole catalog of medical disorders, from Marfans to cranial facial microsomia.

Feb 14 10 - 10:58pm

Barack Obama is so hot!
Total babe with personality and intelligence.
President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are the sweetest couple around.

Feb 25 11 - 1:26pm

They're 2 pieces of shit that have no business in the White House. They're only there because idiots like you were swayed by fast talk and big shit-eating grins.

Mar 04 11 - 12:20am

You really like obama don't you. Otherwise you would have no problem with people actually admitting we have a intelligent black man as president. Well get use to it. We are all people and the only race that exist is the human race. Learn some genealogy and don't be upset if you have an African ancestor

Feb 14 10 - 11:01pm

Why did you guys use such a goofy photo of President Obama?

Feb 25 11 - 1:27pm

Because he really is that goofy. Wake up.

Feb 14 10 - 11:06pm

Um... Where's James Monroe?

Feb 14 10 - 11:19pm

why this photo of Obama? You want to make him as if he is not a President.

Feb 25 11 - 1:29pm

He should never have been president except for idiots like you who voted for someone with less than 100 days experience in ANY public office. People are too easily fooled by smooth talk.

Jun 26 11 - 4:23pm

You get so upset anytime anyone suggest anything about obama. Get use to it. he's your president.

Feb 14 10 - 11:47pm

what are you friggin smokin, this list in this order is a look back at LSD...!

Feb 15 10 - 12:08am

Andrew Jackson was responsible for sending the Cherokee on the Trail of Tears. If not 43rd, that should land him at 42nd.

Feb 15 10 - 12:21am

James Monroe is #15

Feb 15 10 - 12:28am

You clearly don't know about the "Warren Harding Error"

Feb 15 10 - 2:13am

OBAMA is not a valid prez!

Jun 23 11 - 8:30pm

He's just as valid as any of the presidents.

Feb 15 10 - 3:17am

Obama is soooooo sexy, he is definately the hottest we've had.

But poor choice in photos.

Feb 25 11 - 1:30pm

Another idiot heard from. People who are brainless should not be allowed to vote.

Jun 24 11 - 5:06am

Doesn't it was the reaso people voted for himn

Feb 15 10 - 3:31am

Obama is def #1.

Presidents have been uncute except Obana and JFK. Dubya was cute before he was prez and aged.

Feb 25 11 - 1:32pm

What is wrong with you? Black is ugly no matter how you dress them.

Jun 24 11 - 5:06am

Steve. Get use to it. Obama is your president, whether you like it or not.

Feb 15 10 - 5:32am

just talked w/ a colleague who met johnson in the 60's and found him to be very sexy. also, there's something about william henry harrison that should bring him up to the top ten...

Feb 15 10 - 8:31am

What on earth do you consider sexy. Looks, personality, intelligence, power, wealth.

I need to be able to look at the man during and after for sexy to be considered. So Bush II is out. The man is just stupid in the way he thinks and acts. Bush I is a nerd - so he is out too.

JFK definitely has the looks, the personality, the intelligence, the power and the wealth. So I would put him 1st.

Obama can go second - maybe not the power and the wealth, but definitely the next best looking and one of the smartest up there - and a smile to die for.

Feb 15 10 - 8:59am

Good thing this isn't "sexiest person on currency" cuz Andrew Jackson begins and ends that list. Crazysexycool, and a sawbuck to boot. Awwwwww, yeeeeaaahhhhhh, muthufucka.

Feb 15 10 - 9:23am

Typical liberal BS got nothing better to do. Had to be created by ether a woman or gay man that needs to get laid. Really Now get a life!

Jun 24 11 - 5:11am

This could have been created by a conservative you know. WTF is with dismissing everything you hate with liberalism (which what's wrong with that? Since the founding fathers were "liberals" in their day)?

Feb 15 10 - 10:04am

The reason Obama's picture looks different than the rest is not a secret move to devalue him in our eyes. I'm pretty sure it's just because he hasn't been president long enough to have his official portrait painted. Although, there likely is a sexier photo of the man out there....

Mar 06 11 - 5:01pm

I agree. There could have been a better picture

Feb 15 10 - 10:49am

Teddy Roosevelt was a sickly asthmatic who created all the macho stuff as an image. He was a marketer. Read a little history.

Feb 15 10 - 11:09am

I'm excitedly waiting for the hottest first ladies list!

Eddie from Austin

Feb 15 10 - 11:25am

Teddy well deserves the top spot! The man killed a grizzly bear and who knows about that "big stick" he's so famous for carrying!

Feb 15 10 - 11:45am

I'm as liberal as the day is long, but I totally wouldn't kick W out of bed for eating crackers. Especially young W.

And when Robin Williams played TR is that museum movie, that kind of ruined any sexiness Roosevelt might have exuded.

Fun list though! Made me laugh.

Feb 15 10 - 11:59am

A young Thomas Jefferson. He purportedly had a really big library

Feb 15 10 - 12:22pm

George W Bush is by far the Sexiest, Bravest, Sexiest, Bravest, Sexiest, Bravest(sorry my computer is stuck) Sexiest, Bravest, Sexiest, Bravest President in History and going forward. Especially NOW. Obama is not even sexy.He's a wanna be. Obama is so jealous of Bush.

May 11 11 - 12:22pm

Please maybe you need a glasses. Bush has nothing on Obama. The guy was so boring and tacky. Obama is sexy, charismatic and eloquent. He got it going on.

Feb 15 10 - 12:27pm

My favorite part of this list is the comments. THIS IS SATIRE: What's funny about it is that they're judging presidents by something completely unrelated to their performance in office, but isn't this an important factor in how we elect them anyway?

I especially love the people who know WAY too much about presidents who are so outraged.

Finally, TR was no racist. He could have done more, sure, but he was far more liberal than most people of his day on the matter and was the first president to entertain a black man, was in favor of a desegregated army and school system (as governor of New York he desegregated the schools) and was a proponent, it simply wasn't the core of his platform. If Howard Zinn says otherwise, then he is wrong.

Feb 16 10 - 1:31am

George Bush Jr should of been pushed up a little more Barack is one ugly mother fucker he should be next be like 31

Feb 15 10 - 2:26pm

Fuck Clint Eastwood: Andrew Jackson was the 50 Cent of the Oval Office. Remember that next time you're rolling with a roll of Jacksons.

Feb 15 10 - 2:38pm

Time to lay off the pipe! If you think Obama is a "certifiable genius"....then you're a "certifiable crackhead"!

Jun 24 11 - 5:22am

You don't get into the Harvard Law Review if you are an idiot, so idk what you are talking about.

Feb 15 10 - 5:10pm

You should go read John Adam's correspondence with Abigail. He may not be a looker, but that's some sexy letter-writing.

Feb 15 10 - 5:15pm

Malcolm Gladwell has an interesting essay about Warren Harding, asserting that he was only elected because of his appearance which at the time was considered very sexy, or at least regally presidential.

Feb 15 10 - 6:06pm

oh for christ's sake.

Feb 15 10 - 6:31pm

Franklin Pierce is listed in Wikipedia as one of the worst presidents of all time, so it is not surprising he is related to GWB. He was an ineffectual drunk and died of cirrhosis of the liver.

Feb 15 10 - 6:42pm

I thought the list was good until Obama. I was SHOCKED. Obama is so goofy looking that I entirely forgot about him. He should be down in the 20's or even thirties. Seriously, compare him to Bush. W was/is so handsome, Obama is a goofball.

Feb 15 10 - 7:18pm

Some lament that our country is going to hell. I say we carry on the most important traditions of our founding fathers:

Feb 15 10 - 8:42pm

Um, aren't there 44 Presidents?????

Feb 21 11 - 4:42pm

Was wondering the same?

Apr 14 12 - 8:18pm

Grover Cleveland sat two terms as 22.and 24. President, so tecnically there's only been 43.

Feb 15 10 - 8:50pm

I'm kind of surprised Gerald Ford rates doesn't rate higher...He was VERY good looking when he was young, like Jack Armstrong All American, and he was quite athletic to boot. Grant was an outstanding equestrian, that should count for something.

On the negative side, both Johnsons. Andrew was proof that an a__h___ does not a president make. Lyndon had that embarrasing first name, and a way of addressing people which was like Vaseline on a camera.

Feb 15 10 - 8:50pm


There are only 43 presidents.

Grover Cleveland was elected to two non-consecutive terms. He was the 22nd and the 24th POTUS.

If you were to count all the people who were in office, just by name, its 43.
If you look at this list, and count, its 44.

Feb 15 10 - 8:53pm

Obama gets me ALL hot & bothered every darn time...OMG OMG *scream* *scream*

Feb 15 10 - 9:14pm

#42 looks like he swallowed a bowling ball. JFK, my, what a gorgeous specimen! And Obama is extremely succulent...wish I could bite him. Yum...

Feb 15 10 - 9:51pm

JFK should really be #1. My God, he is gorgeous.

Feb 15 10 - 11:55pm

Where's Cheney?

Feb 16 10 - 12:22am

Look up Gerald Ford's college photo. That's a sexy winner!

Feb 16 10 - 2:14am

@ NJ: Howard Zinn is a self-acknowledged radical historian. Absorb some variety, asshole.

@MR: "...who knows about that "big stick" that [TR] was famous for carrying."
I think you are joking. I hope you are joking.
"Speak softly and carry a big stick."

@ JK: "Ummmmmm.....aren't there 44 presidents?"
Ummmmm, No. Cleveland served 2 separate terms, which I'm pretty sure was mentioned. 22 and 24 (I think?), with Harrison serving in between.

@Diz: "Where's Cheney?"
I think you, too, are joking. I hope so.
If not, Cheney was VICE President. Not President. They're sort of different.You first and second...

And ditto to the Jefferson-is-a-sexy-nerd notes. Everyone loves a "quiet, literary type."

@ H H: "Men aren't qualified to vote."
That made me laugh as much as - if not more than - any of the comments on the presidential sexiness contenders.

And Obama gains plenty of hottie points for going on the Colbert Report (filming in Iraq) and making fun of his own massive ears. Plus he's a nerd. And I have major nerd love.

Feb 16 10 - 6:20am

Grant was NOT a drunk ... could a drunk have whipped the dashing RE Lee? Grant had the sexiness of a champion & he was nice to blacks and indians. I agree with the rest.

Feb 16 10 - 8:39am

Such hostility, lighten up! I'm pretty sure this was meant as a bit of quasi-holiday fluff, not a serious dissertation on U.S. history.
By the way, over at the Daily Beast they had a list of "best-read presidents," guess who topped that list as well? Coincidence? I don't think so.

Feb 16 10 - 4:03pm

George Washington is sexier than we commonly realize. I'm not saying how I know.

Feb 16 10 - 8:46pm

I cannot see Obama as"damn sexy"- nor can Michelle be considered sexy by ANY stretch of the imagination! & a certifiable genius? yeah right- he has cheapened the office of president as well as the Noble Peace Prize. WAKE UP people!!

Jun 23 11 - 8:48pm

You don't get to be President of the Harvard Law Review if you have made bad to mediocre grades.

Feb 16 10 - 10:23pm

Ok, George W could be rated high on this list but #43 on every other list.

Feb 17 10 - 2:03am

Pierce looks like Tommy Lee Jones

Feb 17 10 - 10:46am

i think benjamin harrison is hot. what's he doing so low?

Feb 17 10 - 12:50pm

Lincoln is SO #1! Sexy sexy!!

Feb 17 10 - 3:41pm

I totally came to sexual awareness during the Clinton era. So, Billy C. will always be numero uno for me!

Feb 17 10 - 4:17pm

What a list, I'd say Teddy's integrity was sexier than his looks. I don't know about placing him as number one, Oh but wait, didn't he have a big stick?

Feb 17 10 - 5:25pm

Jump off the Obama train, mind controlled idiots. Liberals must die.

Feb 17 10 - 8:31pm

my gawd just how gay can a survey be. what a waste of resources. as you can see i am unemployed rofl

Feb 17 10 - 9:23pm

Obama is the only president unrelated to all the others

Jun 23 11 - 8:49pm

Must be his skin color I guess?

Feb 17 10 - 9:24pm

Obama is the only president unrelated to all the others

Feb 18 10 - 12:43am

Actually not true, kndl:

Feb 18 10 - 1:01pm

what about ben franklin, wasnt he a ladies man?

Jun 23 11 - 8:50pm

Franklin was never a president. He was a founding father like Washington, Adams and Jefferson, but not a president.

Feb 18 10 - 3:02pm

@jrf - Ben Franklin was never president.

Feb 18 10 - 5:26pm

Obama should have definitely been number 1. Not only is he sexier than all those others but he's also more ethnic. I mean look at the man, he's hot. Then JFK should have been #2. I could care less about all the other ones.

Feb 18 10 - 5:26pm

No way is obama #3 ... his sheer stupidity, inexperience, and lack of any common sense makes him the ugliest!

Feb 15 11 - 10:53pm

Go watch Fox News. He's hot.

Jun 24 11 - 6:10am

What would the lack of common sense be.

Feb 19 10 - 2:00pm

right on. great #1 pic. Those eyes..... I'd have a helluva time figuring out a reason not to go home with that one.

Feb 19 10 - 2:50pm

JFK should be number one. Hahaha x]

Feb 19 10 - 9:21pm

TR was a man's man who can attract the women with that appeal. He had 5 or 6 kids as well.

Feb 20 10 - 11:43am

TR lost his first wife in childbirth and was haunted by his love for her the rest of his life. Writing his autobiography thirty years later, he still couldn't manage to plumb the wells to express much about her -- it was too painful.

His second wife was a dear friend for childhood. It may not have had the same romantic implications as the first, but there was a tremendous amount of a different, equally healthy kind of love.

That's sexy.

Feb 21 10 - 5:08pm

I think the Bush Jr unibrow has to at least be acknowledged, if not bump him down a few places.

Feb 23 10 - 12:52pm

I spent forever trying to figure out who you missed, then i read that grover cleveland served twice, non consecutively, messing up everything.

Mar 01 10 - 4:17pm

Obama's purple lips vs. G.W. Bush's southern charm.
Hmmm... I think I know how these rankings were really based on.

Jun 23 11 - 8:54pm

I wasn't charmed with Bush.

Mar 01 10 - 4:19pm

what... not how

Mar 08 10 - 4:38pm

fuck yeah! Teedie definitely deserved # 1. ROUGH RIDERS!!!

Mar 23 10 - 3:17am

Bold move not putting JFK at the top the way you did. Bonus points for finding a not terribly sexy picture of Obama, that must have taken work. But I really think John Adams should be higher, maybe you should read some of those letters to

Mar 25 10 - 4:04am

George H W Bush is totally the sexiest one! <3

May 20 10 - 11:52am

Didn't TR also completely screw over the entirety of South America? Super unsexy.

May 20 10 - 5:40pm
annoying stickler

FYI -- in #1, it should be "led the way," not "lead."

May 21 10 - 10:45pm

"undeniable genius" or "damn sexy wife". Can't decide which statement is more bug fuck stupid.

Sep 22 11 - 5:00pm

because black people can't be smart or pretty

May 21 10 - 10:47pm

Sorry--"certifiable". *cough*

May 22 10 - 9:06pm

obama should be #1!

May 24 10 - 2:30pm
Thos Weatherby

The author doesn't really know the Presidents. And that comment about Obama being a certifiable genius is hilarious. He'll be a one termer. Same class as Jimmy Carter. Two of the worse Presidents (therefore not sexy) we have had.

May 25 10 - 9:02pm

Is there any doubt that this list was put together by a leftist?
Always getting their digs in against Republicans. They just cannot help themselves.

May 26 10 - 7:48am

Ok, first I will leave politics and 'winger out of this. Next, I guess I do not know sexy. Anyway I say #1 was a good choice!

May 27 10 - 1:13am

Lord, I love how conservatives are coming onto this and trying to turn it into legitimate political discourse. Take it for what it is, a comedic piece. I'd say if you want to talk politics, go to a tea party rally where everyone agrees with you. That way you won't be trounced intellectually. If you want to laugh, keep reading stuff on here. Simple, no?

May 28 10 - 8:08pm

Jimmy Carter should be higher just for pure niceness
chicks dig that sort of thing

Jun 03 10 - 6:44am

Barack Obama is a damn sexy man, with a damn sexy wife,...he's git giant dumbi ears and always looks annoyed. She has an ass bigger than John Candy did. It kind of makes her look like someone stabbed a broom through a beach ball. Obviously you've been drinking.

Sep 02 11 - 2:51pm


Jun 03 10 - 6:45am

Opps, Dumbo ears...I just woke up, sorry.

Jun 16 10 - 7:39pm
Mister Wu

Surely the writer isn't familar with the famed Warren Hardy closet in the whitehouse. Also Tricky Dick was the only president with a penis for a nose.

Jul 17 10 - 11:59pm

This list was great! Wish it'd been a bit longer written to enjoy it more though. Very envious of the author that got paid to look at 43 pictures and rank on sex appeal. I must say there are a few crazy picks though. Harding was actually considered very good looking in his day; in fact that was why he was chosen as nominee, he had that conventionally attractive face despite being rather dull ineffectual and a terrible leader.

Barack definitely deserves a high spot although the past few years have aged him about a decade! When I saw him in that army bomber jacket walking in to that presidental music to give a speech once I was just WOW. Sexy. Nice dresser, great body.

Bill Clinton should be higher! Although he's quite old now looking back on photos of him in his thirties and forties is impressive. Very sexy. Also he's well known to be one of the most charismatic people and quite irresistable in person. I like his choice in women coz I wouldn't feel out of his league if I met him! I'd do him anyday even now he's older

Aug 09 10 - 6:30pm

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Aug 10 10 - 8:58pm

wow,,,,what a liberal biased piece of shit list!

Feb 27 11 - 2:20am
Jane Smith

AMEN to Jim's comment.

Jun 23 11 - 9:06pm

"Liberal biased piece of shit"? What are you drinking? This is just a fun moment.

Aug 12 10 - 1:36am

Franklin Pierce FTW! You should see Australia's Prime Ministers - eyebrows that take up half their face :D

Aug 13 10 - 9:25am

Someone's letting their politics get in the way of their judgment here.

Take a good look at Harding (41). Yes, he was dumb as a post, and a total tool of the oil companies. So was Bush II, and you rated him 6th.

Harding was a babe magnet, with more mistresses than he had honest cabinet secretaries. He did things in the Oval Office that Clinton could only dream of.

And Cleveland (39) -- well, he's no looker, but he must have had something going on. He famously fathered an illegitimate child as a young man in Buffalo. (Hence the campaign taunt, "Ma, Ma, where's my pa?" and the gleeful retort, "Gone to the White House, ha ha ha!") More to the point, at age 49 he became the first president ever to be married in the White House -- and the woman he married was a 21-year-old college student, the daughter of his former law partner.

Aug 19 10 - 11:38pm

So if there are 44 us presidents, who was the one left out? I don't know I'm not from the US

Jun 24 11 - 6:33am

I know it's weird

Aug 20 10 - 1:04pm

DUDE! Warren G. was the original gangsta! He should have been in the top 10...just sayin'.

Aug 28 10 - 1:23pm

1 president served 2 non-consecutive terms, as was mentioned in the article. so 43 men serving 44 terms, not 44 presidents total.

Aug 30 10 - 4:03pm

SF really? Do you rally think that only one president ever served 2 terms? There have been 44 unique presidents, not 44 terms.In fact there have been 55 four year terms served by US presidents in history.

Oct 24 11 - 9:54pm

You're an idiot. SF is right. We've had 43 unique presidents, regardless of how many terms they've served.

Sep 18 10 - 3:16pm

I am sure the writer of this article doesn't know shit about politics. Who the hell looks at a fucking politican and be like "Damn! Now that what I'm talking about!" Maybe since I am a dude, but this article is fucking retarded.

Sep 18 10 - 11:24pm

So sick of reading/hearing/seeing people swoon over Obama. It's disgusting and condescending; like he is not good enough to be able to stand on his two damn feet like a man and take his licks from the media and disgruntled youth like every president before him.

That said, Michelle Obama looks like a Klingon. I'm sorry, but it's the truth, and sometimes it hurts.

Jun 23 11 - 9:23pm

Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder, so idk what you are talking about the first lady's physical appearance being bad. That's your opinion. Others disagree.

As for Obama, I would say he just needs to do a batter job in explaining why the bailouts were essential, why the Affordable Care Act does not add to the deficit but rather reduce it greatly and that there are no death panels that are going to kill Grandma. He should have also pointed out that the GOP complained that the bill was 270 pages long, so if they did not read it fully, they have no right to be making up fairy tale stories.

Sep 21 10 - 5:49pm

Curtis: Although Obama is the 44th president, it's correct that only 43 men have held the office. Yes, many served multiple terms, but Grover Cleveland was the only one to serve two NON-CONSECUTIVE terms. Hence he is counted as both the 22nd and the 24th president. (Benjamin Harrison was the 23rd.)

Oct 20 10 - 11:35pm

coolidge should be alot higher than30 top five at least

Oct 29 10 - 10:07am

3. BU was not likely to meet the US$ 75,000 per defendant threshold for suing in federal court on various other claims under state law (e.g., tortious interference with university-student relationships, fraud, aiding and abetting fraud). Id. at 77.

Oct 29 10 - 10:07am

3. BU was not likely to meet the US$ 75,000 per defendant threshold for suing in federal court on various other claims under state law (e.g., tortious interference with university-student relationships, fraud, aiding and abetting fraud). Id. at 77.

Oct 31 10 - 1:46am

It CRACKS ME UP that wingnuts automatically interpret any negative comment whatsoever about a Republican as being motivated by a liberal agenda.

Keep drinkin that Kool-Aid, boys; you're right--every Republican anywhere, ever, has been an absolutely perfect human being. And anyone who doesn't understand this is a statist communist socialist fascist leftist.

Jun 23 11 - 9:24pm

I know it's ridiculous.

Nov 01 10 - 5:35am

Leftist bias? #1 Teddy Roosevelt was a Rebublican. I'm confused.

Jun 24 11 - 6:35am

They're idiots

Nov 10 10 - 3:25pm

It's so funny how people are hatin' on the Obama's
Anyway everyone knows its.
Thomas Jefferson
Barack Obama
John F Kennedy
Bill Clinton
and I hate to say it
George W Bush
even his wife and two daughters were nice lookin

Jun 23 11 - 10:18pm

One word: Racism. People may accuse me of playing the race card, but it's true. If you say we will do much better once we get a white man in the WH (despite Obama being half white), you are saying that melanin has everything to do with leadership, and that is ridiculous

Nov 12 10 - 11:42pm

JFK should be #1, in my opinion.

Nov 17 10 - 2:54am

I am sick of people being unpatriotic. Obama is your president whether you like it or not. I HATED Bush in office but never once would bad-mouth him. He did run our country and I had to respect him. Grow up and stop being immature and voice your opinion by just voting. THIS is an article about attractiveness. Good day Tea partiers

Jun 23 11 - 10:18pm


Nov 20 10 - 12:03am


But why the hell are some people making this about left vs. right? This ought to be the kind of cross-aisle humor we can all laugh about. Half of these Presidents belonged to political factions that no longer exist, anyway. As a tea-party sympathizer, may I ask my compatriots to chill out? And liberals, please don't paint us with a broad brush?

The real problem in American politics is that we feel compelled to personally hate the opposition based on their political views. It's as bad as any other stereotyping. It hurts when people at my very liberal school physically step away from me at social events once I let my conservative background slip. Republicanophobia.

Nov 26 10 - 6:32pm

Ok people - this isn't a list of presidential fuck-ups. Settle down.

Dec 31 10 - 12:59am

JFK is AWESOME (no homo) but being him in black ops puts him in my no 1 list

Jan 15 11 - 1:57am

Warren Harding was known to have had numerous mistresses and was a renown hound dog. Grover Cleveland married in the White House a woman of 21. He was the Bill Clinton of the 19th Century Presidents. It is said that when Woodrow Wilson asked his second wife to marry him, that she was so surprise she fell out of bed. One should read al little history before trying to apply 21st century standards to this kind of list.

Feb 15 11 - 6:29pm

Polk: Starts Mexican war, instigates Bloody Kansas. Otherwise unremarkable. Makes top 15.
Jackson: Changes the face of the modern presidency, has the greatest land acquisition of all time, is a lauded general and war hero, generally manly as hell. Doesn't break the top 25.
Poorly done, Hooksexup. Poorly done.

Feb 21 11 - 7:46pm

sorry, Weren't they judging them on sexiness, not achievement?

Feb 16 11 - 12:35am

Ah, Teddy. You were damn sexy. Not to mention the fact that the man mapped an entire South American river after he lost his first run for presidency. "Well fuck this shit, let's go to South America!"

Feb 16 11 - 2:37pm
G Unit

JFk 1, Reagan 2, Pierce 3, Jefferson 4, GW Bush 5, Obama 6, clinton 7, TR 8

Feb 21 11 - 7:45pm

I thought they were all very humorous but could i just put in a good word for Harry Truman. He had him some spunk and fire and that's gotta make him attractive. Not his fault muttonchops had gone out of fashion. I'll bet he could have rocked them too!

May 23 12 - 12:49am

harry truman was notoriously conservative and boring as hell.

Feb 22 11 - 7:52pm

It's too bad Alexander Hamilton was never president. He'd be way up there. He was gorgeous (seriously, get out a ten dollar bill ad use a finger to cover up the bad period hair, and you've got one hell of a face looking at you). He was also the father of progressive American economics, to the extent they exist. And, he was killed in a dual... HOT.

Feb 25 11 - 8:31pm

Right, I get it, everything good about democrats but those Republicans are only good for ridicule. Your stupid list is just another opportunity to take a shot at anyone with values and morals. Your top picks are conspicuously from the democratic (Communist) party and all the latest ones, i.e. Carter, Clinton, Kennedy and Obama. Well let me tell ya, it ain't sexy to be a socialist, tax and spend, lie like a rug, liberal ASSHOLE!. "that's all I gotta say about that!"

Jun 23 11 - 10:23pm

Karl Marx philosophy is so misunderstood due to the misinterpretation of it from Communist countries like China and Cuba and what was formally Soviet Russia. But if you are talking about socialism, I have to ask: What is wrong with Germany, Canada, Britain, Norway, Holland, Sweden?

Mar 24 11 - 11:13am
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May 03 11 - 10:34am

A couple presidents are very underrated here - all Republicans, which is funny, because I'm a Democrat.

1) Chester Arthur. As has been noted, he had good reputation as a clotheshorse. He would have appeared on multiple "GQ" covers if they had it back then.

2). Gerald Ford. Have you ever seen what he looked like when he was young? Strikingly handsome with a strong chin, like Jack Armstrong All American Boy. He lost of a lot of his looks when his hair receeded, though.

3). Ulysses Grant. He was a superb horseman and don't a lot of women find this sexy? As for his drinking problem, you know what Lincoln had to say about that.

May 11 11 - 12:16pm

America's sexiest president has to be Obama and will be the best too. I know this is killing all the racist out there who hate him but like it or not he is your president. Suck it up or change your citizenship. You stupid idiots.

May 11 11 - 12:20pm

Way to go Obama. The latest ratings are a true reflection of how well you are doing. Of course apart from Kennedy you are are the hottest president yet. Those who hate you know that you are the man for the time, they just cant admit it.

Jun 10 11 - 10:54pm

Good choice with Ron Swanson at number 1! Bully!

Jul 29 11 - 3:01am

why dont you racist pricks get out of the USA if you have a problem with our BLACK PRESIDENT he is here to stay so you FUPS get used to it or get out the white house was white we still had all these problems no one can please you racist white mother fuckers anyway what do you want !!!

Aug 27 11 - 6:02pm

Obama is the best looking president ever..hansdown!...2, kennedy 3, clinton and the rest...

Aug 30 11 - 10:38pm

I sure don't know how I came across this ridiculous review of presidential glamor, but the author wears his political proclivities on his, I'm sure, monogrammed sleeve and like most radical, left-wing nuts has no idea of how to even spell history, forget respect it.

Nixon a racist? Hmmm. Does a racist president-type have the following record? In the fall of 1968, 68% of black children in the South were attending all-black schools. By 1974, that number had fallen to 8%. This extraordinary accomplishment was achieved through the shrewd political skills and raw courage of President Nixon, Secretary of Labor George Schultz, and Attorney General John Mitchell. In his book "With Nixon", speechwriter Ray Price outlined Nixon’s school desegregation goals: "Nixon’s aim was to use the minimum coercion necessary to achieve the essential national goal, to encourage local initiative, to respect diversity, and, to the extent possible, to treat the entire nation equally – blacks equally with whites, the South equally with the North." Yeah, sure Nixon was a racist. Do your homework chief and know well the party of racism is the democrats--just look at who supported the 1964 Civil Rights Act and it certainly wasn't your progressive socialist hate America dem libs.

G.W. Bush a terrible president? This president wrote the book on defending America and the world in the face of 21st century terrorism. He left office with unemployment of 7% , a deficit of only $500 billion and during his tenure as president unemployment averaged 5%-5.5%. Not too shabby! Also, no attacks on America under G.W.'s watch after 9/11, which happened 8 months into his presidency due to the typical week-kneed lib policies on protecting America that Slick Willy the rapist embraced. Gee, how many attacks have we had under Barry O??

Your disaster of a president (empty suit) you support taking up space in my WH now would be doing cartwheels up and down Pennsylvania Ave to have G.W.'s record. Barry is smart, is funny, is a genius with a genius wife (have you read her racist thesis? The woman cannot form an intelligible sentence)?? Sure and Barry's record proves that right? Barry's beyond simply being dumb and dense (which he is--again his record), he's also lazy, arrogant and an elitist who has not earned any right whatsoever to be the latter two and can't help being the first (he never really had a job before president, right?). Barry's the great American experiment based on a known failed philosophy. Now we'll have to watch this dolt for the next 30 years after he's thrown out in 11/12 run around defending himself as not the inheritor of the mantle from Jimmy Carter as America's worst president.

But I'm sure you believe my comments are racist, correct? I thought I'd get that out in front before you did since it's always the predictable hate-America lib response anytime anyone attacks Barry since you cannot defend his record. Oh, yeah, I forgot it's all Bush's fault.

Damn, I just lost a contact lens; it's Bush's fault!!

Nov 29 11 - 5:30pm

Hear hear!

Sep 09 11 - 6:46pm

Haha! Seriously this was hilarious!

Oct 03 11 - 12:47am

This list = revolting and hilarious at the same time.

Oct 20 11 - 2:01am

JFK is the ugliest person ever.

Nov 02 11 - 8:28pm
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Nov 29 11 - 5:27pm

Where's Alexander Hamilton?!

Mar 06 12 - 9:47pm

He was never president; he was a founding father, though.

Dec 04 11 - 5:18pm

Theodore Roosevelt was in a wheelchair.

Mar 06 12 - 9:46pm

Fdr was in the wheelchair. Not teddy.

Dec 13 11 - 1:20am
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Dec 14 11 - 4:17pm
Anon E Mouse

Contrary to what some of you think you know, a president's actions while in office typically don't directly affect the people until 2-3 years down the road. We are now still caught up in the Bush mess with an 8 year unjust war we couldn't afford, lack of Wall St. regulation and accountability, a corrupt Federal Reserve system, and "Cronyism" at it's worst.

It's ignorant to think a president elected into office can all of sudden lower or curtail unemployment, balance the budget, fix our healthcare, banking system, and turn the country around overnight. From a statistical perspective, at least in the most recent 60 years, Bill Clinton had the best report card of any president hands-down. If you disagree then do the research yourself. Clinton balanced our budget, didn't bother extending the US into an occupation war that would bankrupt the country, and he was and still is admired for bringing in the youth vote which is becoming more and more popular.

So while Obama has alot on his plate IMO he is still conducting damage control from the last Bush administration....remember when we had those "Terror Alert Symbols and Colors"...funny but, Why was that system only used during the election?? Any answers? Because he used it as fear for the American people who felt Kerry wouldn't be "strong" enough to lead our troops....

For some odd reason Americans like the war-mongering posturing president beating his chest and sending fellow American Soldiers and Sailors to die in vain....

Oh, and for all of you sad racist cock-suckers you need to go live in a hole or somewhere in Mississippi. According to our 2010 census Latinos make up nearly 18% of the US population while Blacks make up another 13,5% and they're only growing in numbers.

So why don't you go strap on your guns and go get your white hoods so you can go shoot-up a college campus or something. Or if you really feel brave take it to the White House and just unload and see what happens to you.....that will help you alleviate some of the hate you have as well as get you a great spot next to Sen Strom Thurmond in Hell.

Dec 21 11 - 1:19am

Hahaha just wondering why Clinton is hanging out with Graham Spanier at Penn State

Jan 03 12 - 9:48pm

Van Buren hotter than Nixon?
This list displays is a dishonourable blend of politics and aesthetics.

Jan 04 12 - 3:52am

Does anyone else think that Rutherford B. Hayes looks like the old man in the first Home Alone movie?

Jan 14 12 - 5:33am

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Jan 14 12 - 5:38am
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Jan 23 12 - 11:03pm

I think Ronald Regan was really sexy, along with JFK, so I can't agree with Teddy Roosevelt for #1. But I also think Truman and Calvin Coolidge should have been higher, they're not 'sexy' but their definitely cute. (:

Jan 24 12 - 1:11am

I think none of em are sexy

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