12 Naughty GIFs from the ‘Game of Thrones’ Epic Bisexual Sex Scene

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This will get you harder than Valyrian steel.

Game of Thrones is credited with creating "sexposition," where characters screw while talking about the boring details of what is going on in the Seven Kingdoms so we don't have to watch boring explication without some titillation. On last night's episode we got a sexposition of a different kind. We didn't find out details of the plot, we got some more information about our new favorite character, Oberyn Martell. The Dornish prince has a five-person orgy along with his bastard consort Ellaria and two women and one gentleman of the world's oldest profession.

While playing grab ass (and other body parts), Oberyn's male mate asks if he prefers men or women and he replies that the gods made women and they are beautiful and he created men and they are beautiful too. Why should he choose to take pleasure from just one? That's one argument we have a hard time disagreeing with, and if you need some convincing, check out the GIFs of the scene below. I think you'll come around.