Front-Row Tweets: When in Rome, Edge of Darkness, and Saint John of Las Vegas

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Exactly how much do Twitter users want Josh Duhamel to get on top of them? Find out here.


When in Rome

When in Rome: adorable with a couple of fun cameos. Josh Duhamel — yeah, I want one of him. Please and thank you. :)”

‘When in Rome was so fucking cute! P.S. Josh Duhamel needs to get on top of me immediately.”

“So….When in Rome was very cute. Cheesy at times but still cute. Love me my Kristin Bell!!”

When In Rome was adorable. Yay for giving workaholics a chance at love. It just takes crazy love spells.”

“Went to see When in Rome tonight… cheesy, predictable but pretty cute! Glad to see Napoleon Dynamite is still getting work.”

“Just saw a screening of the movie When in Rome. The comic relief is probably the best part, it’s not a sappy love story.”

“BTW, Danny DeVito is in When in Rome, and when he came onscreen I yelled ‘Oh my god! Danny DeVito, I love your work!'”

Edge of Darkness

Edge of Darkness was pretty dope flick. I encourage y’all mo’fuckas to watch it.”

“Saw Edge of Darkness screening with Mel Gibson. Was not impressed.. Slow and predictable.”

“I highly recommend Edge of Darkness. Ray Winstone = awesome.”

Edge of Darkness. Great film. Jarring action. Strong script. Fabulous casting. Tender moments. Must see!”

Edge of Darkness was good… Nothing original plot wise, but a good mix of action, thinking, and humor (well, funny to ME) lol”

Saint John of Las Vegas

Saint John in Las Vegas was great by the way! An original story and exceptional cast. I think it opens Friday in theaters. Go see it!”

Saint John of Las Vegas was a pretty good movie. It’s very dry, and sarcastic.”

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