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Eddie Murphy’s coming back to SNL after a 30 year absence. He’ll appear on the 40th anniversary special along with former cast and writers. We’re looking forward to seeing what hijinks they’ll come up with. With that many funny people in one room something wild is bound to happen.

That got us thinking about how Eddie’s been quietly putting out amazing reggae of late. The last we heard peep out of musician Eddie was when he put out this surrealist masterpiece with Michael Jackson.

He stopped releasing records after a backlash against actor/singers, but he kept recording. After listening to these new cuts we’re feeling your vibes, Eddie mon. Hey Jah Jah, his latest effort, isn’t overtly political or a Bob Marley parody. It’s straight reggae music.

Of course he also put out a song with Snoop Lion. It’s strange to see him singing at first but after a few bars of those sweet jams you suddenly desire dreadlocks, a joint magically appears in your hands.

“I’ve always done music,” he told an recent interviewer. “I’ve played guitar, piano and I write and produce and I was coming at music that way because I didn’t want to get thrown in a barrel with everybody else … I never ever left it alone, I just stopped letting y’all hear it.”

We’re hear you loud and clear, Eddie. Praise, Jah!

image via spinybackwebdesign