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Eileen Yaghoobian. She is a filmmaker and artist who’s thinks your dirty sexts should be made into movies. Are you brave enough to send her your personal filth? If you do so, she will take what you have written and they will come to life in video on We sat down with the steam-stress herself to learn all about the phenomenon:

MM: Where did the idea come from?

EY: I was inspired by my own experience. What I love about sexting myself is that you have to be really creative. Sexts are the perfect inspiration – they are current, contemporary, and filled with creativity, tension, real drama and humor. Most importantly, they are authentic and raw. Sexts are the best sex of your mind!

MM: How does SES explore modern sexuality in 2016?

EY: Send Me Your Sexts is a new means of conveying the story between human experiences and digital spaces, the interplay between analog and digital intimacy inspired by the communication practices of the digital era. And so much of that interplay is done in public spaces because of technology we can have a sexual exchange anywhere at any time with anyone and everyone at the same time!

We’re removing the distance created by the technology, showing how far human desire goes if it’s not restrained by a certain embarrassment or self-censorship.

MM: How do our desires change with technology?

EY: We are both cocky and private in public when we’re sexting. The way you express your desires changes with technology. You can be vulnerable to scrutiny because of the language you use, or the platform you choose. But that’s the part that I’m interested in with Send Me Your Sexts – the wonderful language of sexting and the video reenactments are in a way an interpretation of digital intimacy to an analog form.  

Sexting is for sharing and unfortunately sometimes stealing. Everyone sexts and wants privacy, but at the same time, they want to share their secret.  Most people use sexting as social currency… like your collecting people’s sexual interest in you and you want to brag to your friends about it.

MM: How does sexting play out in dating communication?

EY: Sexting helps communication and it doesn’t. Just as technology has made it easier to break up by ghosting (ignoring all communications), it’s also easy to have a sexting life that really doesn’t exist. Technology is both hyper-visible and invisible. Our engagement with sexual messages and images lives within the ambiguity between fantasy and reality.

[On SES,] the way we set up the reenactments explores the language of the sex and its intersection with tech. The tech part of sexting is cold but sexting isn’t – I think it’s hard to sexts well and it’s amazing how creative you have to be if you’re into it. I’m interested in the tension created by the intersection of the tech part and sexts. All the videos so far are a bit twisted, funny, and real.

I feel like that’s what I’m doing here I’ve made a service to bring people’s alter egos to life by reenacting their sexts. I guess I’m serving the alter egos of sexters!


Discover more about Send Me Your Sexts, and watch more videos here.

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