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Jenny Lewis, Anna Paquin, and that little guy from Jerry Maguire -- all grown up.


10. Jonathan Lipnicki


Sure, he kind of looks like a Backstreet Boy today. But can you believe that this is the kid who stole all of Tom Cruise's thunder in 1996's Jerry Maguire? ("The human head weighs eight pounds!") Now nineteen, he may have traded in the glasses and the cute catch phrases for a fake ID, but he's no doubt ready to show you the money.

9. Madeline Zima


Remember that baby face and ever-present nasally voice? That's Grace Sheffield, who gave our TV screens a charming little bounce and some one-liners as she trailed behind Fran Drescher in The Nanny from 1993 to 1999. But most recently she's ditched the schoolgirl uniform to mount David Duchovny in Showtime's Californication.

8. Christine Lakin


Christine Lakin played Al Lambert in the early-nineties sitcom Step by Step. She was the tomboy who got her kicks from sassing her siblings and annoying her parents. When Step by Step ended in 1998, Lakin dropped off the radar — until recently, when, in an unfortunate turn of events, she co-starred with Paris Hilton in The Hottie and The Nottie. She played the "nottie" to Hilton's "hottie" and required extensive make-up to make her look less attractive.

7. Jamie Bell


Jamie Bell starred in 2000's Billy Elliot. Remember that tiny dancer? He's lost the tutu and gained some upper-body muscles and a love of mugging for the camera. He'll soon be seen in Steven Spielberg's Adventures of Tintin, as well as (we're guessing) many a girl's (and boy's) bedroom walls.

6. Lacey Chabert


Chabert got her start playing precocious Claudia Salinger on Party of Five. Next to Neve Campbell, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Scott Wolf, and Matthew Fox, she was the nerdy little sister. But when she reappeared in 2005's Mean Girls, she was funny as hell, and very grown-up, at last having shed the turtlenecks for sexier ensembles.

Commentarium (71 Comments)

Jan 19 10 - 3:24am
outside dog

#1: Dakota Fanning - OOPS! Not legal. Yet...

Jan 19 10 - 10:43am

"What have you accomplished since 2002? Gotten to know the characters of Laguna Beach? Drunk your way through a bachelor’s degree?" Beautiful. Almost as beautiful as the boy...

Jan 19 10 - 11:10am

Al Lambert- good call.

Jan 19 10 - 1:10pm

Wow, Nicholas Hoult *is* hawt. Good call on the Vulcan eyebrows.

Jan 19 10 - 1:11pm

Anna Paquin should be number one. Have you SEEN her on True Blood? This is a travesty, dammit.

Jan 19 10 - 1:20pm
Phil Nugent

Anna Chlumsky actually had a pretty good-sized role in the movie IN THE LOOP. Out on DVD as of last week, and worth checking out.

Jan 19 10 - 1:33pm

No Sara Gilbert, no credibility.

Jan 19 10 - 1:35pm

(But Anna Chlumsky is totally hot, and it makes me happy to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt at #1.)

Jan 19 10 - 1:38pm

No thanks on all of the above.

I'll stick with Danica McKellar, any day.

Jan 19 10 - 1:44pm

Wow, I have no idea who these people are.

Jan 19 10 - 3:26pm

Anna Paquin will always look weird and elfin to me.

Jan 19 10 - 3:44pm

I think the first time I felt like a dirty old man was when Christina Ricci turned up in The Opposite of Sex. What kind of sicko must I be to ogle Wednesday Adams?

Jan 19 10 - 5:36pm

Madeline Zima is gorgeous! And Nicholas Hoult is SOOO grown-up. Where have I been?!

Jan 19 10 - 11:20pm

"I’ll stick with Danica McKellar, any day." I second the motion. Ahhhhh, Winnnie...

And Nicholas Hoult has starred in 2 series of the hit UK series SKINS, which i am sure any Nervite would love.

Jan 20 10 - 6:47am

Anna Paquin looks like a disease.

Jan 20 10 - 1:29pm

A PO - are you BLIND??!! Anna Paquin is gorgeous. You just hate vampires, don't you?

Jan 15 12 - 12:06pm
Not OP

Yes, because Southern sounding renecks with massive gaps in their teeth is.. 'hot'. Stupid vampire fans.. Suppose you're a 'team edward'.

Jan 20 10 - 3:21pm

Nicholas Hoult is incredible looking. Of course, I've always had a soft spot for Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Jan 20 10 - 3:26pm

I'll stick with Danielle Fishel (Topanga)

Jan 20 10 - 4:50pm

The grown-up picture of Paquin above makes her look like Amelie Mauresmo.

Jan 20 10 - 7:17pm

Madeline Zima is interesting, but watch out. She punches during sex.

Jan 20 10 - 11:01pm

Where's Hayden Panettiere? She's gorgeous, but nowhere on this list.

Jan 21 10 - 1:19am

What a salacious headline. I find it beyond necessary, I almost am offended.

Jan 21 10 - 2:41am
Craven Moorehead

Hey, what happened to Shirley Temple?
Is she like, chopped liver or something??
And what about National Elizabeth Taylor Velvet?

Jan 21 10 - 3:14am
Roc Cardik

What of Vicky from "Small Wonder"?

Jan 21 10 - 4:27am

Very good to see Jamie Bell mentioned! Billy Elliott was an awesome movie. I have no idea why it didn't go over so well in the states, because this movie has it all -- pure entertainment! The music, the acting, the amazing dancing... unbelievable!

Aug 23 12 - 10:29pm

couldn't agree more...its in my top ten... Jamie Bell, Anna Paquin, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Nicholas Hoult...i'd do them all in a heartbeat

Jan 21 10 - 9:19am

How can any list like this not include Hayden Panettiere, first seen as an adorable kid in Remember the Titans, but now is smoking hot in Heroes?

Jan 21 10 - 10:57am

Patrick Fugitt from "Almost Famous" is not on this list. Now 24, he makes me feel like a dirty old lady when i drool over him.

Jan 21 10 - 11:01am

this article (and reader comments) are kinda creepy.

Jan 21 10 - 11:59am
Keith Whitener

Jamie Bell looks like he can be in an 80’s New Wave or Post-Punk Band. “Guys, I just got the lead in the Orange Juice biopic. Rip it up and start it again!”

Jan 21 10 - 11:59am
Keith Whitener

Oh, and Levitt is a hottie.

Jan 21 10 - 1:22pm

whoever researched Jenny Lewis failed to mention that she's been doing some pretty incredible songwriting and vocal work for the past 10 years - a number of albums with her band Rilo Kiley, an album with the Watson Twins, and plenty of backup and partnering with Death Cab for Cutie and the Postal Service. She's totally worthy of being on your list, but do your homework.

Jan 21 10 - 1:22pm
Bee's Knees

@Keith Whitener: HA!

Also, I'd known about most of these kids-now-hotties. But Nicholas Hoult made my eyes pop out of head. GORGEOUS.

Jan 21 10 - 1:39pm
Ken Collins

Anna Chlumsky was terrific in My Girl and definately made the movie a lot more enjoyable !!
I know she will become a huge success !!

Jan 21 10 - 1:58pm

thanks for the news flash, TS.

Jan 21 10 - 2:11pm

And were are Jennifer Connelly (then: Labyrinth; now: Dark City, The Hulk) and Kirsten Dunst (then: Interview with the Vampire; now: a bunch of movies)?

Jan 21 10 - 2:22pm
phuk you

Oh so be on the lookout for kids you'd like to fuck someday huh? Y'all some sick muthafuckas.

Jan 21 10 - 2:31pm

I grew up watching 3rd Rock from the Sun, and wishing I looked like Anna Chumsky or Danica McKellar. And when I saw Joseph Gordon-Levitt in (500) Days of Summer, my heart skipped a beat. He definitely made MY dreams after that dance number! =) And Nicholas Hoult is terribly sexy in A Single Man (and in Skins!), but alas, he's still young for me. Even though he is undeniably hot.

Jan 21 10 - 2:38pm

Soleil Moon Frye (aka played Punky Brewster) should be on this list and in the Top-5 easily. (Just do an Google image search for her to see what she looks like now)

Jan 21 10 - 3:36pm

Nicholas Hoult is a beauty for sure, but give me JoGoLev any day. That man is SMOKING hot.

Jan 21 10 - 6:28pm

Could have given Tia Mowry (or her sexy sister Tamera) a shout out ...from Sister to Sister to sexy med student on "The Game"

Jan 21 10 - 9:12pm
Fred S.

Nice list of also-rans, but none of them comes even close to Winnie!!!

Jan 21 10 - 10:01pm

this is, who are these prudes/trolls who balk at noticing how nicely these child stars have grown up? seriously folks, when you were kids you probably had crushes on some of them. Amen about Danica McKellar, btw, but the list does not claim to be comprehensive, it doesn't even claim to be THE top ten even. I'm also pretty sure if you looked in Hooksexup's archives you would find something about Danica McKellar being a math whiz now.... buncha fucking complainers...

Jan 22 10 - 12:45am
Daft Punk

No Natalie Portman? Damn!

Jan 22 10 - 1:42am

Nicholas Hault's bare bum is seen several times in Skins... mmmm!

Jan 22 10 - 1:43am

What about Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter fame ?

Jan 22 10 - 2:15am

I'll have to watch Lolita agin tonight to get the point of this story. Or the Jonbenet Ramsey documentary.

Jan 22 10 - 5:57am

thesavvyscot - That's terrible! And the funniest thing I've heard all night. My vote goes for Madeline Zima.

Jan 22 10 - 7:30am

What aboot them Olsens?

Jan 22 10 - 8:12am

Rudy Huxtable, from the Cosby show.

Jan 22 10 - 9:03am

Is it just me or does Joseph Gordon-Levitt now look like Heath Ledger? Could we have a replacement for the Joker?

Jan 22 10 - 2:34pm
harry krishna

you left out michael jackson

Jan 22 10 - 2:45pm

Some of you need to chill the fuck out. No one's talking about molesting kids here. Can you Trolls even read? That's serious business dumbasses.

Jan 22 10 - 3:28pm

No Hayden since Madeline is already representing Heroes quite ably. We get to see them next to each other enough on the show. :) I think it's a damn good list overall. Hard to argue w/ Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Jan 23 10 - 2:22pm

I agree with Scott, Joseph Gordon-Levitt totally has an air of Heath now!

Jan 24 10 - 5:07pm

where the fuck is natalie portman?

Jan 26 10 - 2:23pm

emma watson. most beautiful woman on planet. inside and out.

Jan 28 10 - 2:08am

Anna Chlumsky? Oh, come on! She's a shoe-in! I thought she was a babe back then too! HEY! WE WERE THE SAME AGE!!! THE SAME AGE! It's not illegal for me then nor now!

Feb 02 10 - 1:13am

Whoa, the kid from About a Boy is a shock, but I should have that coming with those gorgeous eyes. But no Daniel Radcliffe seems like an oversight. Actually most of the HP kids fit this title.

Feb 08 10 - 5:05am
Eggert fan

Where the hell is NICOLE EGGERT (of Charles in Charge) [email protected]?#[email protected]

I demand a recount as she is definitely one of the top 5.

Feb 08 10 - 11:31pm

i'll take nicholas hoult any day!!!

Apr 18 10 - 10:21pm

Nicole Eggert, definitely. And, how about Candace Cameron?

Feb 18 11 - 9:34pm

Nice to see what these stars look like grown up!

Jun 28 11 - 6:26pm

Drew Barrymore!

Sep 07 11 - 7:29am
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Oct 29 11 - 3:34pm

Also forgetting Meredith Salenger (Natty Gann) Josie Davis (sister from Charles in Charge that doesn't look like a plastic mess), Jenna Von Oy (Six from Blossom) and Emily Osment (Lilly from the Hannah Montanna).

Jun 18 12 - 2:44pm

Kirk Cameron! I'd let him bang me senseless, but he's so religious.....

Aug 22 12 - 12:05pm

Journee Smollett. She's drop-dead gorgeous now but I remember her as a little kid on Full House.

Aug 26 12 - 3:10pm

Winona Ryder, Jeremy Sumpter, Zac Efron, Alicia Witt, Thomas Dekker