The Hooksexup Sex Mixtape: A Soundtrack for First Times

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A great sex mixtape loosens sensual inhibitions and sexual reservations without being too overbearing.

The trick to a good sex mixtape is not how many songs you can cram onto an mp3 playlist or CDR, but in finding the right collection of music that sets a mood. A great sex mixtape loosens sensual inhibitions and sexual reservations without being too overbearing.

If you’re planning on sleeping with someone you're seeing for the first time, then look to a sex mixtape that will be non-invasive, sensual, and unlikely to offend your one-night stand's personal music taste. It’s super important to avoid mainstream love songs with strong catchy hooks. Popular songs will abduct your sex partner’s emotional attention from your lovemaking, and you’ll find yourself pumping to the beat of Janet Jackson’s “What Have You Done for Me Lately?”. Sexual activity to uptempo tracks or songs with strong beats can definitely be fun, but it can also turn your bed into a Cyndi Lauper dance party. Let me put it to you straight: The 80s were not sexy, Lil’ Wayne is not sensual, death metal is terrifying, and Brittany Spears will leave you single and horny for the rest of your life. If you like to have sex to the music you blare in your car every morning, then you’re never going to create a mixtape that’s going to draw out a subtler type of intimacy.

When sleeping with a person for the first time, you likely won't know what kind of music they are into. Try to slip in a myriad of genres like psych rock, Soul music, indie rock, and an alternative mainstream song. Jazz is always a sexy touch for a first time mixtape. It’s a risky touch, but if you play Ornette Coleman for the right lover, you’ll have them forever…or at least three times a week.

In the interest of improving your sex life, I’ve created the perfect mixtape for a first time sensual encounter. Now you won't have to worry about any drama. These songs are simple, sexy, erotic and won’t jar the bass in your speakers to the point that you forget what position you were attempting to twist your lover into. Enjoy the music and happy first time sexing!

Jordannah's Hooksexup Mixtape – The First Encounter Mix from jordannahmixtapes on 8tracks Radio.

1. D’Angelo – How Does It Feel
2. Dead Meadow – At Her Open Door
3. Bilal – Soul Sista
4. Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans
5. Nothing Even Matters – Lauryn Hill
6. Deerhunter – Helicopter
7. Bonnie Prince Billy – Lay and Love
8. Pink Floyd – Fearless
9. Allen Stone – The Wind
10. Ornette Coleman – Peace

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