It Should Go Without Saying, but Don’t Use Pop Rocks During Sex

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‘Sex Sent Me to the ER’ shows what happens when fizzy candy goes where it shouldn't.

I can understand why someone who doesn't think things all the way through would want to try using Pop Rocks during fellatio. It could add a tingling sensation that maybe could be appealing (It's not actually. Penises aren't meant to sizzle). But during cunnilingus? That's a recipe for disaster. For proof, watch this hilarious clip reenacting a California couple's visit to the ER after they made the wrong decision. In the clip, they say "candy rocks" because they didn't get the rights to say Pop Rocks, which is funny to me. A good rule of thumb for candy-play is, "Is this candy the subject of urban legends about people's stomachs exploding?" If yes, maybe don't put it up in your most sensitive area. 

[h/t Daily News] 

Image via TLC.