Roseanne on Her TV Comeback, Confidence, and Being Notoriously Mouthy

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The comedy great/"mouthy bitch" is returning to TV to judge the standup showdown. 

Last Comic Standing, the comedy equivalent to Top Chef or Project Runway, is back after being off-the-air since 2010, with a new, more comedy, less reality-show-drama format. The revamp will come with a new host, comic JB Smoove, and a judge's panel made up of Keenan Ivory Wayans, Russell Peters, and Roseanne Barr, the latter of whom spoke to Hooksexup about working hard and mouthing off.

Some comedians who have competed on the show have gone on to great success, including Amy Schumer, Doug Benson, and Gabriel Iglesias, but none of them could have competed with Roseanne. 

"I would have won," she claims when asked how she would have done on the show during her standup years.  

"I did, in fact, win the Denver Laugh-Off. And that is what kind of propelled my career," she added. "And I did a number of other untelevised comedy contests. But I think I would’ve really worked really hard. And I wouldn’t become part of any contest unless I was really prepared and thought I could win.

"And that’s what I think we have here," she said of the current Last Comic Standing contestants, none of whom have yet been publicly announced. "We’re seeing who’s prepared and who isn’t prepared. And that’s like the most exciting part to me. But, of course, I have to say I would’ve won. Because, I mean, you have to have that kind of self-confidence being a standup comic. You have to really believe in what you do and that you’re the best at doing what you do. And so we’ve seen a lot of people on this show, you know, come in like that but falter."

"But the ones who want it the most are the ones who make it," she concludes. 

This is Barr's biggest TV credit since swearing off Hollywood in a Twitter rant in December after her NBC pilot didn't work out. When asked about the contradiction between that statement and now being back on NBC, Barr said, "Well, this isn’t a sitcom. I meant developed scripted stuff. [On Last Comic Standing], I’m watching some really incredibly talented people. So that’s easy. And I’m not having my brains racked over the coals."

"And, you know, I’m laughing," she added. "And I’m getting awesome craft service and nice outfits. And the company’s fantastic." 

And finally, when asked if viewers would learn anything new about her, she sarcastically replied, "that I’m a mouthy bitch. People may not have known that." 

Image via NBC.