SNL’s Newest Cast Member Made Fun of ‘Girls’ and It Was Hilarious

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And Lena Dunham's hosting tomorrow night.

SNL announced that it had hired Sasheer Zamata on January 6, 2014. On January 20, the Above Average Youtube channel released a video that starred Zamata as a Girls tour guide. Zamata's chipper-but-sad character, Madison, gives tours of Brooklyn's Greenpoint neighborhood, where most of the action of Girls takes place. Greenpoint is a special place where there is a huge rooftop garden on top of a building that sits above the one of the largest oil spills in American history. On March 8, Lena Dunham will host SNL. Will Dunham take Zamata to task for making fun of her show?

Nah, they're good: 

image via Above Average Productions.