Watch this Mayoral Candidate Explain Why Hemp Will Save the Economy

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She has the T-shirt to prove it.

For over five years, I lived in Jackson, Mississippi, where the politics are as botched as the pronunciation of the English language. But even as a former resident of the armpit of America, I was still dumbfounded by this video of current mayoral candidate Gwendolyn Chapman, who appeared a few days ago on a local TV station to present her campaign platform.

Mrs. Chapman, who is seemingly a real life version of a Tyler Perry character, has a foolproof plan to boost both the state and national economy, as well as defend our homeland from nuclear war. Sounds pretty rich for a candidate in a state with only six electoral votes. What's the master plan Chapman has for us? Hemp. If you're unfamiliar with hemp, don't worry – the candidate is wearing a T-shirt complete with a green-leafed graphic to help clear up any confusion.

Forget Veep's Selena Meyer, we've got a new train wreck politician to follow. Ladies, gentlemen, and registered voters of Jackson, I present to you Gwendolyn Chapman.

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