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Amsterdam-based photographers Blommers and Niels Schumm made a career of turning boring still lifes into nearly erotic images with just a touch of perspective.

After getting a piece of his brain removed, guitarist Pat Martino revived his music career. Martino remains one of the only individuals to ever endure amnesia-inducing brain surgery and survive to maintain the virtuosic skill. This is a story of how music literally saved a man’s life.

Last year 25-year-old labor organizer Beth Breslaw decided she would stop moving out of the way of men on the sidewalk. She spent the next few months getting body-checked by people who refused to be mindful of anyone around them. She calls it manslamming.

Olivia Fox Cabane says she can make anyone more likable. Meet the charm hacker.

Behind your favorite comedies like Broad City and Portlandia are these little-known writers and producers holding the whole thing up.

A Reese’s cup for anyone in the audience who can tell me the difference between female ejaculation and squirting. Nobody? Fusion looks into a recent study that indicates women have two completely different experiences and one is much rarer in the bedroom than the other.

Do you want proof that every country song sounds the same? Here’s proof that every country music sounds the same.

The millennial woman’s dream apartment is filled with 3-D printed bras, smart air filters, and self-feeding fish tanks. Refinery29 takes us on a tour of the future they created at CES 2015.