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These Bizarre Penis-Shaped Popsicles Will Explode in Your Mouth

Summer's almost here.

by kate hakala

Sweden, already a well spring of sexual progression, has just released the world's first exploding penis popsicle, the X-Pop. With a sherbet-filed center, the frozen phallus surprisingly, and perhaps delightfully, pops in your mouth when you bite into it. GB Glace, the Swedish purveyor of the frozen dicksicles, claims that the popsicle is just supposed to look like a rocket, so calm down, guys.

In an interview with the Daily Dot, they claimed that the X-Pop is just another "normal popsicle." Really, GB Glace? Did you not realize that your innocent children's pop has a shaft, a glans, and ejaculates when a warm mouth is around it? Or that you named it X-Pop, which could easily double as the URL of an amateur porn site. Something tells me the X-Pop is going to be making a lot of rounds at Swedish bachelorette parties this summer.

[h/t The Daily Dot]

Image via Daily Dot.


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