This Is Your City's Favorite Thing to Watch While Masturbating

Hawaii likes masturbating to...Hawaii?

by kate hakala

In an unparalleled team-up, master aggregators Digg and the Pornhub Insights blog have come to together to regale us with big smutty data about our collective masturbation habits. Pornhub statisticians graciously provided the Digg team with the top five porn search results for 24 popular U.S. cities. The findings? America loves it some moms, particularly porn star Lisa Ann who's best known for playing MILF-about-town Sarah Palin. And an overwhelming 22 out of the 24 cities studied were mega-fans of the filthiest, kinkiest sex act of all — massages. Below are charts detailing each city's favorite me-time fodder. We're only moderately worried about Alaska's apparent fixation with the tobacco industry.

Indian? Asian? Ebony? New York enjoys every kind of huddled mass.

Honolulu enjoys that special megalomaniacal tendency to masturbate to itself. Can you blame them?

You can almost picture Carrie and Fred accidentally signing up for an amateur yoga porn shoot in a yet-to-be-made hilarious Portlandia sketch.

LA likes porn set on casting couches, we guess. Because nothing says arousal like reliving your personal failures.

Detroit may have a housing crisis, but they enjoy the unique positioning of loving squirting and up-and-comer Belle Knox

Baltimore apparently likes cartoon porn. Which makes you completely rethink everybody's Frozen obsession.

What do Alaskan creampies and Baked Alaskas have in common? Sweet centers.

For more city-by-city findings and a beautiful interactive map, head on over to Digg. 

Image via Socialite Life.


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