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The FDA approved the little pink pill. The problem: it doesn’t really work all that well. In tests, the“female Viagra” helped couples get it on an average of one more time per month than without the pill. And women have it to take a daily dosage, regardless of whether they get lucky that, or any other night. More disheartening are the side effects: sleepiness, sudden drops in blood pressure, fainting, all exacerbated my alcohol. Put lightly by the FDA, the little pink pill has a “challenging benefit/risk assessment.” Given that the pill is iffy at best, who benefits from pathologizing women’s sexual drive? Manufacturer Sprout Pharmaceuticals, who produce the pill, obviously does, but also, allegedly, the women’s groups hired by Sprout to label the inequity of libido treatment between genders as sexist. But male and female impotence are very different conditions, Male impotence is caused by a biological malfunction that limits blood flow to the dick; Viagra let’s the blood flow, and the dick harden. The little pink pill doesn’t function at all like Viagra—rather than stimulating arousal through increasing blood flow to the genitals, it stimulates the brain, affecting serotonin and dopamine receptors. Before being marketed as a cure for a woman’s low sexual drive, the pill was developed to treat depression. The thing is, low sex drive within women is potentially caused by a host of physiological and psychological reasons. Some scientists argue if there even is such a thing, biologically, as a sex drive. So, is touting a risky drug that doesn’t work that well to “treat” women’s desire part of the great feminist cause? If women’s desire is triggered differently, biologically speaking, then men, why are we offering them similar treatment? Is the “cure” for desire always, and only, a little pill?

Fuck That Noise indulges skepticism. It doesn’t buy into your bullshit, but it doesn’t write it off either. Instead it’s leaves you with more questions than answers. 

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