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Hulu now has all of Adult Swim’s shows available for streaming. That means that every episode of the TV masterpiece Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! is now online for your viewing pleasure. For the uninitiated, I would recommend blocking off an entire weekend, buying some good weed, and binge watching them all.

For those in the know, over the pasts few years we’ve been riding new wave of DIY anti-comedy that Tim and Eric ushered in. But when they started out hustling in L.A. or New York, doing stand-up or joining improv troops, Tim and Eric made videos with home video equipment. Even then their work had the raw feel of cable access shows. They loved gross out physical gags and poked fun at the slickly produced world of Hollywood. They eventually caught the eye of Bob Odenkirk who got them connected in L.A. They managed the rare feat of having a completely original comedic view that they then built into an empire. They now produce a number of spin-off shows, movies, bands, live gigs, feature films, and music videos. It’s a polarizing aesthetic: If you think it isnt’ funny then you don’t get it—and they don’t care.

Personally, I can’t get enough.

Digging back into Tim and Eric’s work there are two short films that anticipate what’s to come for both filmmakers. First is Eric’s Beach Dad. Presented as an uncut VHS video of a man talking to his son at the beach shot by a fellow beach-goer, the whole video consists of said dad talking to his son about building a sand castle at the beach. That’s it. Ridiculously dressed, yet somehow still fashionable, in a well-manicured beard and fanny pack, Beach Dad is a loveable prick.

Bad Knees is Tim’s short film. Much like early short films by Louie CK, Bad Knees is a simple meditation of love and inadequacy. The silly jazz soundtrack and heartfelt voice over give it an air of a student film but it’s sophisticated unsophistication will become a hallmark of the duo’s later work.

The boys often play things close to the vest during interviews, almost never breaking character in most of the press they do, but if you’re interested hearing them be themselves, tune to this candid interview to Marc Maron.


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