Music More or Less Sucks and Other News

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  • Jeez, everyone. Calm the hell down about Kanye’s interruption of Beck at the Grammy’s. He was only trying to make a goof. But, hey, I guess we need a Left Shark for all occasions. We thought the Grammy’s proved that more or less music still sucks and agree with Pitchfork’s assessment. That said, we’ll always have a place in our hearts for our favorite shoe throwing scientologist.

  • Speaking of talent and “artistry.” We’ve long been enamoured with Vito Acconci, the man who made masterbation into art. In this 1991 interview with Richard Prince he describes his dream sex: “The kind in which two people use every part of their bodies and every secretion of those bodies and every level of pressure those bodies can exert.” We’re down with that.


  • Know how Kanye “does” everything? Rapper, fashion designer, husband to porn stars. Chekhov was like that too! The New Yorker tells the story of perhaps the greatest piece of longform nonfiction before there was such a thing.
  • Hey yall remember poetry? You know, music without lyrics. Open Culture has an exhaustive list of writers reading poetry. When you’re done listening to mash-ups of Sam Smith and Tom Petty take a look!


  • Once upon a time record labels were evil. They stole people’s money and forced them to make crappy songs. That would never happen now of course, but if it did one could do worse than to follow Van Morrison’s lead. Just make a revenge record.

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