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These days cyber security is on everyone’s minds. Hilary can’t seem to get Wikileaks out of her hair and Trump is begging Russian hackers to get involved. It’s starting to feel like an episode of Mr. Robot. But now we might need to worry about our sex toy’s spying on us?

Connected sex toys that track your habits can be helpful, but at least one of them is a little too willing to transmit your personal data. Presenters at Def Con have revealed that at least one toy, the We-Vibe 4 Plus, regularly shares sensitive info with its creators at Standard Innovations Corporation. The couple-oriented vibrator sends its temperature to the manufacturer every minute, and reports whenever you change the vibration level. While it’s not calling you out by name, it wouldn’t take much to piece together details you probably don’t want to share beyond your partner, such as when you climax and what it takes to get there.

Don’t freak out. Your sex toy isn’t snapping pics of your dirty business just yet, but it is a little creepy. The company says it’s only using it for “hardware diagnostic purposes” whatever that means. We’ll let you decide if it’s worth it to send your orgasms into the cloud.


h/t Engaget