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These Porn Streaming Advertisements Are Surprisingly Clever and Totally SFW

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Help pick Pornhub's new ad from these 15 finalists. 

A few months ago, we announced that Pornhub (the ever popular destination for free online adult entertainment) launched a call-to-entry for their first ever national ad campaign. The winner not only receives the high honor of beating out the thousands of other entries, but a one year contract as Pornhub's Creative Director. We were skeptical the NSFW site, who capitalizes on all things sex, could properly conceptualize a safe-for-work campaign you'd see on a Facebook side bar or on a full-page ad in Vogue. But the site proved us very, very wrong after they announced the top 15 candidates. 

The entertainment site hand picked their 15 favorite concepts and is now seeking help from the public, once again, to choose the winner. "The site thought it best to put the rest of the process in the hands of the users — not to mention it's also a great way to give them something more productive to do with their hands…you know, in case they're just trolling our Belle Knox video selection all day," said Pornhub's press release.

Scrolling through the finalists, the creative competitors have outdone themselves with sexual innuendos and masturbation related puns. And though it may seem "hand" jokes are over, the visual conceptions are actually pretty funny. Check out the 15 selections here, and head over to Pornhub's Tumblr to cast your vote. 

PornHub "ALL YOU NEED IS A CONNECTION" from max sherman on Vimeo.