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14 Tattoo Artists You Absolutely Need to Follow on Instagram

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Digital ink.

Whether you have a collection of personal tattoos or just enjoy the visual appeal of others' body art, looking through a quality tattoo artist' portfolio is an inspiring experience. Seeing fierce artistry pop off the pages is what encourages most to commit to a tattoo in the first place. And some tattoo connoisseur's sort through tons of portfolios to select the artist they want to commission their inked fantasies, a relationship taken very seriously. Thanks to social media, the days of wandering from tattoo shop to tattoo shop and flipping through flash sheets are behind us. Pros are now able to publish their work to hundreds of thousands of followers, steaming up Instagram feeds around the world. We've tracked down 14 of the most badass tattoo artists out there who you should definitely be following for your daily dose of digital ink.    

Chaim Machlev

Jay Freestyle

Rachel Hauer

Thea Duskin

Graceland Tattoo

Ien Levin

Amanda Wachob

Vicky Morgan

Peter Aurisch

Marcin Aleksander Surowiec

Jo Harrison

Tim Hendricks

Nikko Hurtado

Chuey Quintanar

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