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Sometimes people get so wound up, they just have to get busy in a stadium bathroom.

Humpty once got busy in a Burger King bathroom. That’s pretty wild. But he’s a fictional character. All these people are real, and even wilder. Here are the 10 weirdest public places people have been caught on camera doin’ it. The following photos may be NSFW.


1. The Bank

This Spanish couple was caught going at it in an ATM kiosk. Embarrassed police hesitated before separating them, and didn’t arrest them, just sent them home. This gives a new meaning to ATM Jam.

2. The Ruins

This couple was snapped on top of a fortification in Newcastle, England. Man the ramparts!

3. The Bridge

Rounding out our favorite Eurotrash exhibitionists is this Estonian couple who are in a precarious spot on an arch bridge.

4. The Side of the Road

Lots of people mess with Google Street View cars. But these folks did it exceptionally well.

5. The Park

Look at these Australian exhibitionists, having sex on a park bench, in front of a green-vested, in-over-his-head police officer.

6. The Ranch

The cop in the green vest could learn from this degenerate New Mexico state police officer, who was caught red-handed in full uniform. He wasn’t charged with a crime, as there were no human witnesses. Just a chihuahua.

7. The Roof

This couple was up on a roof at the University of Southern California, which actually seems pretty reasonable. USC has beautiful people, nice weather, and a performance-oriented culture, so why not?

8. The Stadium

This isn’t penetrative intercourse, but it’s probably the most public of any of these exhibitionists. These three cuckoos got up to some heavy petting on an upper deck of Fenway Park and were captured on camera by ESPN. Pretty amazing.

9. The Rival Stadium

But they have nothing on these horrendous people who were filmed having sex in a bathroom stall at Yankee Stadium. Look at that puddle on the floor! This is the grossest thing that has ever happened.

10. The Church

In 2002, radio hosts Opie and Anthony got in huge trouble for encouraging people to bone all over the place, and one couple went to a vestibule in New York’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral while mass was going on. The blasphemers were arrested, and Opie and Anthony were fired.


Image via Deadspin.

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