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This Week in Sex

Naked sleepwalkers, models on a rampage, and why Steve Jobs thinks you should shower with your clothes on.

By Ben Reininga

Esquire's Minka Kelly shoot is too sexy for the iPad

The App Store for iPad rejected Esquire’s last edition, on the account of its sexy, but nudity-free, Minka Kelly photo shoot. Which leads me to the following conclusion: if Steve Jobs were king, he would do two things: make everyone buy an iPod, and then outlaw all forms of nakedness. Sex, visiting the doctor, taking a shower, all would be conducted wearing black wetsuits. With turtlenecks, of course.


Commentarium (26 Comments)

Nov 19 10 - 1:56am

I wish The Situation would just fall in a well or something.

Nov 19 10 - 11:36am

don't straight TSA people get turned on, too?

Nov 19 10 - 11:48am

They do, supposedly, but I guess the patter-downers are paired with passengers of the same sex. Man-on-man frisking.

Nov 19 10 - 12:45pm

The iPhone App Store has a free app called Manhattan Declaration that's nothing but a chunk of anti-woman, anti-gay hate speech. They'll allow that kid of crap but not SFW glamour photography?

Nov 19 10 - 2:23pm

Yes, this AFTAH group is wholly representative of all conservatives. They are completely mainstream and important. That's why they should be tagged as a standard "conservative group". After all their email is a email address. All should fear their reach and heed their important words shared via their cheap website. Next, a "liberal group", also known as the Eastern State University dorm lounge pot smokers, think electricity should be outlawed. Vote accordingly, people!

Nov 19 10 - 4:22pm
Nalgador Sobo

@ Bo

What about AFTAH's position puts them out of the mainstream of conservatism? How many Republican politicians can you think of who would stand up and repudiate them? Homophobia is standard issue for the right, and AFTAH reflects this perfectly. They may not be an influential organization but their viewpoint is wholly representative of the modern US conservative position.

Nov 20 10 - 2:16am

If you're going to tell a story like that then you should name the groups name not just call them conservatives. I happen to be gay and conservative.

Nov 20 10 - 2:48am
Umm... yeah

In college, we called BOLs "boobiesexuals", but it only worked if there was one boobiesexual and one real lesbian in a pair

Nov 22 10 - 10:52am

dear nalgador,
you are an idiot!

Nov 20 11 - 1:27pm

It's much esaeir to understand when you put it that way!

Nov 20 11 - 1:27pm

It's much esaeir to understand when you put it that way!

Nov 21 11 - 2:01am

So that's the case? Quite a revelaiotn that is.

Nov 21 11 - 2:05am

There is a critical shortage of inofmriatve articles like this.

Nov 21 11 - 2:24am

Hey, sublte must be your middle name. Great post!

Nov 21 11 - 2:23pm

47b7uQ fvksgatjvqah

Nov 21 11 - 2:24pm

WeJcQ4 segopvtomhpb

Nov 23 11 - 4:40am

That's the best awnesr of all time! JMHO

Nov 24 11 - 6:09am

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Nov 24 11 - 2:35pm

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