This Week in Sex: Sex in Space

Scientists discuss the final sexual frontier, and more stories.

Awkward-looking people have better luck on dating sites

Or, at least, people that some people find awkward-looking. A new study suggests that men and women who are universally found attractive — the Brad Pitts of the world — get fewer messages than men and women considered gorgeous by some and odd-looking by others. People are more likely to reach out to someone if they think there will be less competition — or so the theory goes. In any case, getting your dating-profile pics professionally Photoshopped is probably a bad idea.

Commentarium (12 Comments)

Jan 14 11 - 4:49am

Anyone know where the picture on the Scientist urges NASA to study sex in space page is from?

Jan 14 11 - 10:48am

Looks like I should go over to Japan, just to help those poor women out.

Jan 14 11 - 11:43am
Name goes here

Can't say I'm totally shocked by the Japanese thing - have you ever seen Japanese porn? It would put me right off the idea too.

Jan 14 11 - 12:21pm

Wait, does Penthouse give me 3D glasses or do I have to get them on my own? Because I sooooo don't want to see boobies in 3D if I have to pay extra.

Jan 14 11 - 12:25pm

@DR it's from the movie CQ!

Jan 15 11 - 12:48am

Sex in space HAS been studied. Look up an article written in part by Dr. Toru Shimizu. The conclusion was that fetuses would not be able to develop properly without gravity. They brought on a zero-gravity space mission chicken fetuses that where monitored daily, each preserved for further study back on Earth. The chicken fetuses showed signs of mutation and underdevelopment. I know I'm not doing the article justice.. Just trying to help inform.

Jan 17 11 - 5:45am

So Right ... So people can do it on Mars

Jan 19 11 - 7:15pm
D. Warner

I'd like to see the Japan numbers compared to how much porn they watch. I'm thinking those kids don't like sex cause there aren't any tentacles involved...

Jan 25 11 - 12:11pm

@CindyHo cheers :)

Jan 25 11 - 6:18pm

Geez, wasn't Canadian penis pump man getting the idea the pump wasn't working after, like, 459 hours? Over 500 hours? That's like--wait, let me do the math--over 20 days.
PLUS if it goes to court, he will not only have to discuss his small wiener in front of the others, but there will surely be photos of his smallness or, at the very least, life-size models. Humiliation sooo not worth the money.

Jan 31 11 - 9:15pm

I could have told you that. Damn those Japanese high school boys for always making me feel unloved.

Feb 07 11 - 12:06am
Space Cadet

I once saw pictures of Mae Jemison floating around on the space shuttle from a very attractive angle and right away thought of sex in space. With her. Extended co-ed stays on the I.S.S. by single crew members should provide all of the data scientist could ever hope for. Given enough time, boredom, privacy, arousal, etc, sex in space will happen.

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