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Lingerie Parties Are Going to Become the New Tupperware Parties

Because we'd all rather be drunk while sizing a garter belt.


Most women don't relish bra shopping. The five winter layers you must shed to try a garment on, the cramped room with the lone overhead bulb casting German expressionist shadows on your face, the subtle suggestions to get re-measured. Then the overly attentive ponytailed retail worker enthusiastically taps with her knuckles on the door and asks, "How are we making out?" We're not making out at all. Because disrobing in a tiny dank closet in front of a mirror with inspirational quotes like "Show them what sexy means," does nothing to actually tell you how ridiculous you may or may not look in this black lace harness. You need to ask a friend. Or maybe you just need to consult whiskey.

Enter Flora Nuit, the latest and most intimate way to shop for your lingerie. The concept behind Flora Nuit is the same as your grandma's rowdiest 1950s Tupperware parties. One of your friends hosts a group, lays out appropriate amounts of booze and snacks, and a brand ambassador comes to the party with lingerie in sizes from A to E and XS-L for everyone to try on in the comfort of your home. "Gee, Linda, I love your mint green cake taker, but does it come in teal?" is replaced by, "That corset looks fabulous. Even I'd fuck you."

Once many glasses of champagne are imbibed and even the most hideous negligees are donned, orders are placed and the guests receive their new lingerie in about two weeks. Pieces generally run anywhere from $19 to $200 and some of Flora Nuit's featured brands include Fraulein Annie, Majorey, Naughty Naughty, and On the Inside—small, independent international retailers that can't be found in department stores (and sometimes, even on Google.)

I have to say, there's something about a private lingerie party that's highly appealing. Not unlike karaoke or a heated game of Taboo, forcing yourself into a mesh thong is best when done drunk, with friends, and not in a public space. No doubt, Flora Nuit will be blowing up the bachelorette party, bridal shower, and giggling middle-aged women scenes. Because seamless bustiers are the new Thatsa Bowls.


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