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What Your Body Type Says About Your Sex Life, According to Science

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Have big hips? You probably like one night stands.

Sometimes the state of your sex life is completely dependent on who your partner is, how good the sex is, and your experience level. But science doesn't agree with that. Science, like an old pay-per-minute fortune teller, believes it can predict the state of your sex life based upon a few arbitrary personal facts. One of those facts is, of course, the natural shape of your body. Big hips, well endowed, long legs? You may not agree with it, but science knows what your sex life is really like.

Small Breasts

Studies have shown that men who like small breasts prefer submissive partners, are financially secure, aren't interested in fatherhood, and are less sexist than those who prefer large breasted women. Why do men sometimes prefer large breasts over the smaller sets? Big boobs remind them of motherhood, for better or for worse.

Long Legs

No matter what gender you are, if you have long legs, people are going to swoon. Seriously. Researchers from a Polish university found that people whose legs were five percent longer than the average were considered the most attractive. Why? Tall drinks of water are perceived as more healthy than shorter stems. We like legs long, but of course, not too long. Those with legs 15 percent longer than the average were no longer seen as desirable. This is a Goldilocks situation.

Big Dicks

Men with big dicks don't have any problems, you may think, but a new study from PLOSOne claims that men with larger penises are more likely to be cheated on by their wives. "Every one inch longer penis increased the likelihood of women being involved in extra-marital partnership by almost one-and-half times," the study found. What's wrong with a larger package? For the women in the study, sometimes bigger equipment meant more pain during sex, so they strayed.

Hairy Chests

A study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that men lacking torso and chest hair were considered the most attractive by women. That is, unless, a woman had a hairy father and in that case, she probably digs the hirsute men. Another study found gay men who identify as "tops" prefer men with less hair on their chest, while "only bottoms" are into hairier men.

Hourglass Figures

Researchers have proved again and again that heterosexual men are into hourglass figures on women. They've calculated that a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7, or a waist measuring 70 percent of the hip circumference was the ideal body type. This has a lot to do with perceived fertility. But hourglass figures mean something completely different if you're a man. A different study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that casual observers use body type and gait to determine sexual orientation. Gay subjects tended to have more gender-incongruent body types like hourglass figures in men and tubular bodies for women. Of course, this study is a little more questionable.

Short Index Finger

The old saying, "big hands, big dick," might not actually have any weight to it, but it turns out that men whose index finger is shorter than his ring finger are more likely to have a big dick. A good conversation starter at the bar could be, "Hey can I see your index-to-ring finger ratio?" Of course, that doesn't mean these well endowed, short-pointer-fingered men won't be cheated on (see above).

Apparently, finger length reveals a lot about someone's sex life. Another study found that if men have "really masculine" index fingers that are significantly shorter than their ring fingers, they tended to be gay (and have a lot of older brothers). The study also found lesbians tended to have a greater difference in length between their index and ring fingers than straight girls.

Big Hips

The mere existence of Beyoncé's angelic hips should indicate that ladies who have wider hips are all-in-all a very fortunate breed of woman. According to a study from the University of Leeds, women who have bigger hips are more likely to have one night stands. The study showed that the number of partners a woman has is largely driven by how many one night stands she has. Women whose hip width is larger than 14.2 inches have more sexual partners and casual hook ups than women with hips under 12.2 inches wide. Biologically, women with bigger hips might be more sexually open because they're evolutionarily better at popping out the babies. But also: Beyoncé. 

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