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One Big Naked Dream Wedding is Coming to a City Hall Near You

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Her big day will be awesome, drafty.

Ladies and gentlemen meet your next American hero: Gypsy Taub, a 44 year-old "nudity activist" and Catherine Keener look-alike who is staging the naked wedding of her dreams this Thursday, December 19th on the steps of San Francisco's City Hall as an extension of their protest against the city's ban on public nudity. 

The ban, enacted on February 1st of this year, made it illegal to be naked on public streets, sidewalks and transit vehicles, or in a parade without a permit. Five nudity activists, including Gypsy, made a motion for a temporary restriction on the ban claiming it violated their First Amendment right of free speech, but this was denied by federal judge Edward Chen on the basis that nudity wasn't "inherently expressive." Cue naked protests. 

Now Gypsy and her fiancé Jaymz [sic] Smith are deciding to make their love official in the best way they know how: sticking it to the man.

Planning the wedding is stressful, but it's exciting because I'm a big rebel and I just like to stir [expletive] up," she recently told the San Francisco Chronicle adding, "I don't even care any more how people react to my body because I've liberated myself a long time ago."

Gypsy may be a naked renegade, but she actually sounds a lot less crazy than some other brides we've heard about recently. So get out there Gyps, and let it all hang out! We're rooting for you. (But we're still not cool with the whole Jaymz situation.)

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