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Five Albums You Should Be
Listening To Right Now

Every two weeks, titans of the mediasphere give Hooksexup their music recommendations. This week: Nic Harcourt, long-time KCRW DJ, film/TV music supervisor, and creator of The LiveBuzz, a new site from BUZZMEDIA specializing in live performance sessions, interviews by Harcourt, photograpy and concert reviews. Check out LiveBuzz sessions with My Morning Jacket, The Drums, David Gray, Corinne Bailey Rae, and Pete Yorn.

Delta Spirit, History From Below

Delta Spirit, History From Below

I've liked these guys since a couple of years ago when I heard their first record, I Think I've Found It. There's a no-nonsense attitude from these guys, and anyone who's seen them live will attest to that. Their second album, History From Below, (with songs like "Bushwick Blues" and "White Table") steps it up and delivers on the San Diego natives' early promise. Check out an exclusive performance by Delta Spirit that I shot here.

The Duke Spirit, Kusama

Fronted by the down-to-earth, sexy-as-hell Liela Moss, this London-based five-piece has been steadily building a head of steam through several album and EP releases. As we await their third full-length, the band's dropped this EP, which features the single "Everybody's Under Your Spell, a real foot-stomper full of sass and attitude. I don't know about you, but I need more of these types of songs. 

The Hundred in The Hands, This Desert

It's post-punk and it's minimalist. What does that mean? Forgive me if I sound like one of those bloggers talking to five people. What it means to me is that this Brooklyn-based duo has successfully combined '80s synth instrumentation with a pop sensibility that breathes.

Grandchildren, Everlasting

Fusing beautiful melodies with electronics and deep repetitive beats and just a hint of orchestral bombast, Philly's Grandchildren, led by Alex Martray, are mining similar territory to Animal Collective. There is however a subtle difference: Grandchildren actually sound like they're having fun and not taking it too seriously.

Crocodiles, Sleep Forever

I'm a sucker for dirgey psychedelic pop. (I didn't do that many hallucinogens, honestly.) This is Crocodiles' second full-length, and the title is appropriate for an album that's basically a collection of songs about death. With titles like "Stoned To Death" and "Hollow Hollow Eyes," you get the picture, right? It's dark, and dark is the new light.

Commentarium (15 Comments)

Nov 17 10 - 1:28pm

i always get the duke spirit and delta spirit mixed up....great picks though!

Nov 17 10 - 9:14pm


Nov 18 10 - 9:40am

The Duke sounds like Garbage (the band)

Nov 18 10 - 10:35am

First pick is Hundred, Crocodiles beats are badass too

Nov 18 10 - 11:20am

great list!

Nov 18 10 - 11:51am
The Rockies

Good picks, especially liked Grandchildren. Thanks!!

Nov 19 10 - 3:15pm

Terrible music recommendations from a hipster blog with 5 readers.

So sad, what is considered good music these days.

Nov 19 10 - 6:44pm

delta spirit need more respect! I guessing seb is a u2 fan.

Nov 19 10 - 7:14pm

Nice list.

Nov 23 10 - 2:10pm
Mr. Man

sorry nic, more hipster garbage. low on original melodies, instrumentation, sonics, or lyrical ideas. and has every decent band name been thought of?

Nov 23 10 - 5:33pm

Though i'm enjoying most of these songs, All these bands are WAY TO HIP for their own good.

Nov 24 10 - 3:19pm

Grandchildren is sweeeeet!

Nov 28 10 - 12:28pm

So much agreeing to the Crocodiles and Grandchildren!!!!!!! :D
Really though, the more publication for Grandchildren the better. I love them.

Nov 30 10 - 12:48pm

Isn't Delta Spirit's first album Ode To Sunshine?

Nov 30 10 - 12:54pm

Spoke too soon. I think I've found it was an EP, Ode was first album, History is second...

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