Five Albums You Should Be Listening to Right Now: Conway

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LA-based alt-pop singer songwriter Conway is a little bit undefinable. With a striking Blondie style, an irreverent “whatever” attitude, and instantly danceable, electropop tracks, Conway feels like a punky marriage of Icona Pop and Bj√∂rk. And it works. She released her new EP “Shut Up” earlier this fall, and it’s physically impossible not to dance to. Conway was kind enough to share what’s playing in her headphones this week.

Conway’s Picks:


Karen O – Crush Songs
I like this album because it captures those intimate and searching moments of  a songwriter that usually no one ever hears. These songs are like calling into the darkness, or trying to make it through something. Searching and not caring so much about who’s looking at you while you’re doing it, because it’s all you can do to just sing and try to make a song…because you have to.

Track to listen to: “NYC Baby”
I like ‘NYC Baby’ for summing up that universal longing and lonely feeling in one line. “The phone it rings a plenty but I’d rather have my baby much much closer to me lately than he’s been”


James Blake – Overgrown
This is my nighttime music. My alone time. My thinking music. I am transported to another world. I still listen to his first album also. I’m just happy to have more.

Track to listen to: “Dim”
James Blake rubbing shoulders with Jeff Buckley. Haunting.


Miguel – All I Want Is You
I know he came out with another album, but I’m still stuck on this one. Guilty pleasure, sexy time R&B…and that voice!!! I’m helpless.

Track to listen to: “Hero”
Nobody talks about this one, but I love the chorus and it has that R&B confident sexiness every woman wishes didn’t end badly in real life.


Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Push The Sky Away
Nick Cave is one of my favorite all time voices and poets. He is completely his own thing and unapologetically intense. I saw him perform songs from this record at Coachella and was once again stunned. So was everyone else. He kicked Coachella’s ass that year. He just gets better and better.

Track to listen to: “Push the Sky Away”
These lyrics are the story of my life.


Talking Heads – Little Creatures
This is one of my favorite records by one of my favorite bands. If this got released today, it would still sound innovative. I study this record as an example of amazing songwriting, sounds and vocals. I am still blown away by its originality and quirkiness. All hail David Byrne.

Track to listen to: “The Lady Don’t Mind”
I imagine I talk about this lady and sometimes am this lady.

Listen to Conway’s new track, “Shut Up:”