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This sucks. As if interacting with the DMV wasn't painful enough as it is, one California DMV employee decided to make it more so by sending a hateful letter to Amber Yust, a transgender woman who sought to change the old name (David) and gender (male) on her license.

After she left the DMV, she received a note from the DMV employee that read,

I have learned that the reason for the vast majority of gender change operations is the client's homosexual orientation. The homosexual act is an abomination that leads to hell.

You'd think that the surely diverse array of faces that a San Francisco DMV rakes in would require employees to be tolerant, or at least not-hateful. But that wasn't the case in this situation; in fact, the same employee had been in hot water before for refusing to assist a transgender person. That time, the employee was placed on probation and forced to take a sensitivity course.

Obviously, the course wasn't very effective. The employee has since resigned, and Yust and her attorney are upset that the employee wasn't fired before having a chance to resign. You can read more about the story over at CNN.

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Dec 18 10 - 11:03pm
Not Worth It

You would think that in this horrible economy, someone would not risk losing their government job over someone else's personal life. O well. I'm sure there's some far-right group or another that will be glad to have this former clerk on board.

Dec 18 10 - 11:09pm

It turns out the DMV employee gave the woman's contact info to the right wing church the employee belongs to. The woman then started to receive anti gay DVD's and literature. Aside from the intolerance, scares me that a government employee can freely take our confidential info and do with it as they want.

Dec 19 10 - 12:17am

hey patrick, hope you feel the same way about wikileaks.

Dec 19 10 - 7:49pm

Hey ?, exposing personal info is way different than blowing the lid off international political corruptions that affect us all...

Dec 20 10 - 10:02am

I reckon a DMV employee would know a lot about hell, considering that every time I've been to one it's been an infernal experience.

Dec 20 10 - 8:28pm
Yeah That Guy

What was the DMV lady's intended end result? I think homosexuality is wrong, but going around acting foolish and mean doesn't seem like a good way to express your viewpoint. That's like, not the time or the place man.

Dec 21 10 - 5:37am

I am a SEAsian resident in EU & it is with much amusement & amazement that I read this news - Moops especially made me laugh. And yes, with what I read about the troubles with the American economy (Not Worth It), I thought having a job was at least a good thing, at least primary to freedom of speech. Nonetheless, I really don't see the need for the DMV ex-employee to do such a thing. What we do in our own time with our own body is our personal business isn't it!?!

Nov 20 11 - 10:31am

This does look promising. I'll keep coimng back for more.

Nov 20 11 - 12:34pm

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Nov 24 11 - 1:41pm

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