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Popular bacon bikini contest exposed as charity scam

Bacon bikini contest

I'm sorry to have to follow up my previous stories of all the great sexy charity contests going on to tell you the bacon bikini contest is a scam. Readers had expressed their support for this sort of "noble endeavor" in the past, but now it's clear that the pride of Roseville, California is actually a disgrace: this fundraiser served only to line the pockets of a greedy club owner.

The local news did an investigation, which turned up pictures of last month's triumph and, with them, information pointing to California Cuisine impresario Steve Lightfoot, who admitted he never filed the papers for his charity. Worse still, the charity was named after his daughter, who suffers from diabetes and took the stage at the event to thank everyone for their support. She's understandably pissed about feeling used.

It turns out Lightfoot also scammed a grieving mother out of $1,400 after he staged another fundraiser for her son, who was killed in a car crash. Shame, shame.

Bacon bikini contest winner California

Also, who names their kid Jordan Lightfoot? Just asking.

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Finally! A woman - or three - who aren't demonstrably anorexic. I'd just love to be makin' bacon with a threesome lookin' like that.

Twolane commented on Nov 22 10 at 10:57 am

@Twolane: it does seems wildly inappropriate to cover malnourished people in bacon.

Shannon commented on Nov 22 10 at 4:41 pm

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