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Sexercise with Miranda Kerr

A new website has pulled together some very scientific data to prove to us that sex is way better for you than all that boring working out. Health Status claims that, based on data from people weighing about 180 pounds (no comment), they found all this good stuff to be true:

1 hour of sex (lucky you!) equals 36 minutes of jogging

1 hour of sex (damn, you're on a roll) equals 74 minutes of strenuous weightlifting, which would probably kill you

1 hour of sex outfoxes 28 minutes of lame yoga or goofy skiing

1 hour of sex beats (try not to laugh) 28 minutes of packing a suitcase. Really? What is so difficult about packing?

1 hour of sex equals four hours of writing, which probably explains why bloggers never get laid. I hope.

1 hour of sex equals the ridiculous idea of 101 minutes of brushing your teeth. Unless you're from Britain, you don't need to brush for that long. (Joke!)

1 hour of sex is the same as 69 minutes of carrying around an infant. Try telling your spouse you need some 69 after carrying a baby all day.

These and more bizarre statistics can be read and laughed at courtesy of the Daily Beast.

Commentarium (13 Comments)

Oct 21 10 - 12:05pm

Next time I have a not-so-great sexual encounter, I'm going to say, "I should've just packed a suitcase."

Aug 07 11 - 3:17pm


Oct 21 10 - 12:17pm

So packing a suitcase and doing yoga are approximately the same. This is really fueling my irrational hatred of yoga.

Oct 21 10 - 12:47pm

Britons should spend more time brushing than anything else. (No joke.)

Oct 21 10 - 1:19pm

We Brits may not have perfect teeth, but at least we know how to eat with a knife and fork. Wait, you didn't know the rest of the world sniggers at you for that?

Oct 21 10 - 2:27pm

There "they" go with that superior attitude again.

Oct 21 10 - 2:56pm

Well, fatties still have to exercise to get laid in the first place...that hasn't changed.

Oct 21 10 - 5:13pm
John Darc

What? Maybe I'm having sex wrong but it's not that strenuous!

Oct 21 10 - 9:06pm
just mike

I don't understand. One hour of sex is better for you than 36 minutes of jogging? That's 60 minutes of sex vs. 36 minutes of jogging. 60>36. Apples to apples, anyone? I presume one hour of jogging is better for you than one hour of sex (let alone the chafing).

Oct 21 10 - 9:30pm

How do you make it last an hour?

Aug 10 11 - 11:42pm

hahahahahaahhahahaha "how do you make it last an hour..." hahahaha .... wait are you being serious?

Oct 22 10 - 2:48am

Next time I want to go to the beach, I'm going to jack my heat up, and do some hot packing. Pack my whole room up, and unpack.

Aug 08 11 - 1:44am
Alex Warren

nice tricks