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Ugly guys from New Jersey

It seems that websites and magazines are finally tired of making list of places you can move to for cheap housing, good schools or attractive singles. has just kicked off what will surely be a new trend: lists of places not to go to meet guys.

Their "Eight Cities with the Ugliest Guys" survey strangely does not include anything in New Jersey (sorry, haters of the show seen above) but it does mention Miami, which is surprising because that city always tops "Most Beautiful/Sexy/Etc." surveys.

Houston, TX

Philadelphia, PA

Detroit, MI

Huntington, WV

Mobile, AL

Greensboro, NC

Miami, FL

El Paso, TX

The study covered "everything from education stats and contraceptive and erotica sales (no sex generally equals less hot guys), to the number of gyms and the population's health, exercise habits, obesity and smoking rates."

Your Tango caught something in this survey which struck me as unfair: Total Beauty named El Paso the worst city for meeting attractive dudes because 15% of that Texas town's males have less than a ninth grade education. El Paso has seen a huge influx of immigrant workers in the past decades and many of those people were unable to complete their education because of poverty.

You can read the whole survey starting with Houston at

Comments ( 5 )

Nov 02 10 at 10:56 am

I'm thinking you should find out where that pic of the posers was taken and add it to the list.

Nov 02 10 at 11:11 am

Um, @twolane, that's the cast of Jersey Shore...

Nov 02 10 at 12:42 pm

Twolane, they're from Long Island, they just come pollute my state (which has enough work cleaning up the pollution we already have) on national TV.
Re: El Paso: The site's name is "," you can't expect social consciousness, poverty just isn't pretty.

Nov 02 10 at 2:17 pm

@kat: didn't I say posers?

Nov 02 10 at 8:24 pm

I nearly moved to El Paso when I was 11 - glad I dodged that bullet!

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