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50 Cent tweets his morose views on oral sex.

Do you know how much 50 Cent tweets? A lot. And do you know how many of his tweets end with the letters "L," "O," and "L"? As of last week, 51%, according to a friend who claims to have done the math (true story). And do you know how many tweets feature 50 Cent asking a vast number of the population to commit suicide? Well, at least one.

The rapper ignited a bit of controversy when he fired this message off to Twitter:

If you a man and your over 25 and you don't easy pu**y just kill your self damn it. The world will be a better place. Lol

Aaaaand, end quote. A lot of people are taking this morose little tweet to be some sort of reference to the gay Rutgers student who recently committed suicide. He responded thus:

50 Cent tweets about oral sex.

And I kind of believe him. Him referring to the late Rutgers student holds no water, considering that the student was definitely not over 25. And 50 Cent's tweet was clearly addressing straight men who have issues with going down on women, not gay men.

Which brings us to another question: Why, in 50's amazing mind, shouldn't men less than a quarter-century old go down on their girlfriends? Who knows. But it's all 'whatevs' anyway, because he ended his tweet with "Lol." His most recent two-part tweet, as of press time:

50 Cent tweets about oral sex.

50 Cent tweets about oral sex.

When the LOL fades away. Can't wait to see how British 50 Cent will reply.

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Oct 01 10 at 7:19 pm

I thin if you're over 25 and need to get sex advice from 50 Cent, you've got bigger problems to worry about.

What about straight guys over 25 who would love nothing more than to be eating pussy 24/7, but just can't get laid no matter WHAT they do? Does lack of game constitute reason to end it all? Methinks I'd better carefully scrutinize his lyrics for wisdom. Or at least advice. 'Cause the reality for the REST of us is that all later life is EXACTLY like high school. And it sometimes never gets any better. Rhyme that.

Oct 02 10 at 12:49 am

Well said 93. And tell Max to scratch that mailbox dead drop, too much heat from KAOS. Also, I could have sworn there was a time when gangstas in the African-American community didn't eat pussy as it was considered not manly, albeit misogynistic. I guess the tide has turned, or Fitty didn't run in those circles.

Oct 03 10 at 6:58 pm

Why are people having a hard time parsing this? Crawl out of indie rock and underground hip-hop for just a second.

He's speaking to a widespread notion in his own sector of pop culture that men who give oral sex to women aren't manly.

He's not exactly making a feminist statement, but he is challenging sexist norms in a positive way. My guess is that because he likes to rap about cunnilingus, he is still getting bullshit from the men in the industry about it.

Obviously, he was 100% surprised when people took this to be some sort of attack on a gay kid who just killed himself. Can't win, I guess.

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