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Not sure what to get for your best friend this holiday season? Why not get them a chance to go grocery shopping with Adam Scott, the hilarious (and cute) actor who made his big mark with the late, lamented Party Down and recently joined the cast of Parks & Recreation? For one thing, I can pretty much guarantee you that said friend won't already have this gift.

Scott is doing this as part of Comedy Death Ray's Xmas Nativity pageant, which raises money for the L.A. Regional Food Bank. While the main event is a big show on December 14, the group is also auctioning off a wide variety of fun stuff. (You could also get Reno 911's Thomas Lennon to write and record your video eulogy or Larry David to fill out a greeting card of your choice.)

Of course, there are a few caveats: while Scott has no store preference, it must be in L.A. and it won't be able to happen sooner than February. Plus, you have to pay for your own food. But, Scott will wear a custom shirt with your face on it and talk about you to as many random strangers as possible. He'll also hand over a signed shirt with his face on it at the end. And even if you decide to buy this as a gift for yourself (because who wouldn't be tempted to do such a thing?), you can still bring one friend along. Everyone's happy!

And here's a clip of Scott (and Lizzy Caplan) from Party Down, in case you missed it:

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Dec 09 10 - 4:33pm

Lizzy Caplan. Be still my heart.