History Channel greenlights taxidermy reality show, Mounted in Alaska

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Taxidermy shop

I cannot tell you the amount of times I've thought, Man, I really wish there were more TV shows about taxidermy! Thankfully, the History Channel has answered my prayers; it will be premiering its half-hour reality show Mounted in Alaska on April 7th. The show will follow the fortunes of Knight's Taxidermy, a mom-and-pop stuffing and mounting shop run by Russell Knight, who apparently has been in the business for over thirty years. 

Viewers can look forward to seeing a whole range of taxidermy-related projects, from bearskin rugs to restoring a fifty-year old polar bear, which is apparently an Alaskan treasure. President Theodore Roosevelt even gets a shout-out when the family uses his personal taxidermy kit. No word on how they procured that gem. 

One thing I think we can all look forward to with Mounted in Alaska, besides the resurrection of a lost art form, is the opportunity to tell more taxidermy jokes. Here's my favorite: 

Guy 1: That was a big dinner. I'm stuffed!
Guy 2: You look great, who's your taxidermist?