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Male comedy fans' pretend wife Maya Rudolph and my own pretend husband Jimmy Fallon (whatever, don't judge) did their part to spread holiday cheer Friday night by putting their own, Chipmunk-esque spin on the standard "Baby It's Cold Outside." After a brief miscommunication over which song they'd be performing, Fallon and Late Night guest Rudolph used launched into a high-pitched take on the holiday classic, wrapping up with a few lines from Alvin and the Chipmunks' "Christmas Song." The effect is predictably adorable, and bound to get you in the Christmas spirit (also, it's kind of swoon-worthy to see Fallon crooning in a reindeer-print scarf, but this is neither here nor there).


Commentarium (3 Comments)

Dec 05 11 - 11:41am

Maya Rudolph is just like Kristen Wiig...not funny. I think I've laughed once at any of her work.

Dec 05 11 - 8:47pm

That's, like, your opinion, man.

Dec 23 11 - 12:18am

Come on, Dude.