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Watch: The first episode of "Conan"

We're starting to wonder if Conan's even going to have a show. "Show Zero," the Internet-only premiere of the alleged TBS program Conan, almost lives up to its name by offering only the bare minimum of what constitutes a talk show episode.

Like previous teaser videos from Team Coco, "Show Zero" takes place within a nondescript office. Conan begins the show with one member of his house band, tells one monologue joke, interviews one guest who says one line, and invites one musical guest to play one chord. Somehow, this took four minutes.

Be sure to catch some of the credits that whiz by at the end (and yet seem to last longer than the the episode itself). A Croatian Translator, a 1st 1st Best Boy, and an Etc. Maker are among the people that made this episode possible, so it has to be good.

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Good to see the green room attendant get some well deserved credit. I'm bullish on this show.

Kerrlan commented on Nov 02 10 at 10:23 am

What do you think the odds are Justin Timberlake dresses up as The Dancing Taco at some point?

bearman33 commented on Nov 02 10 at 1:10 pm

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