Your favorite Weekend Update hosts return for joke-off on this week’s SNL

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If you are a straight female/gay male/open-minded heterosexual dude, and you didn't have a giant crush on Jimmy Fallon before, last night's SNL should prompt you to reevaluate your position on this matter. Not only did Fallon, who hosted the episode with musical guest Michael Buble, do a commendable job in his hosting debut, he also impressively only managed to crack up an average of 1.5 times per sketch, marking a vast improvement from his time as a cast member.

Although the return of old favorites like the Boston teens and the "I Wish It Was Christmas Today" band would've been enough to satisfy nostalgic viewers, Fallon and crew decided to do us one better by reuniting the "Weekend Update" hosts of the past decade for one epic, two-minute, lightning-round joke-off. After anchor Seth Meyers made a joke about a strip club toy drive, Fallon showed up to top his punch line, followed by former anchors Amy Poehler and Tina Fey (who I always wished was involved in a little covert, behind-the-scenes action with Fallon when they were doing Update together, because they always seemed like they had a little Gilda Radner/Bill Murray thing going on and because I am a giant dork, but that is neither here nor there):

Of course, it's irrelevant who the victor was, because the real winners were clearly the SNL fans in the audience, who went wild when the four appeared onstage. After sitting through a number of cringe-inducing episodes this season (and suffering no shortage of obnoxious Kristen Wiig characters), it's moments like this that remind us why we love the show in the first place. And, also, moments like Jimmy Fallon as Beethoven introducing his orchestra in the style of a Vegas lounge singer, referring to the tuba as "music's answer to the fart" (below).