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Watch: A grandmother reads out 50 Cent's tweets

Honestly, 50 Cent should just not be allowed to use Twitter. Not only are his tweets somewhat inane and completely ill-formed, but they also led to this poor old woman saying "I want a black girl who can do anal." Would you want to subject your grandma to that? I didn't think so.

If only he could get that damn spell check to work, maybe we would understand the true brilliance of his 140-character wisdom. As it is, though, I feel like he might want to lay off for a little bit. (After all, it's gotten him in trouble before.)

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Commentarium (2 Comments)

Dec 20 10 - 3:03pm

F Big Tigger. Fitty has more benjamins, thus he wins.

Dec 27 10 - 10:17am

Sad.. a Jewish woman doing an Xmas spot.. with the language to boot. This is what happens when you lose your yiddishkeit and assimilate. Sad

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