Watch some women on Funny or Die explain why Tom Brady is an asshole

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As Super Bowl XLVI gets set to kick off, one storyline the media is obsessed with blowing up is the Tom Brady-Eli Manning rivalry, which really isn't a "thing" (after all, they never even face each other on the field), beyond the fact that the Giants and Patriots want to beat one another. Outside of New England, people like to portray Brady as the bad-boy Death Star to Manning's aw-shucks Luke Skywalker.

This is largely due to the fact that people find it irritating when the handsome high-school quarterback grows up to be a handsome, multiple-Super Bowl-winning quarterback who makes millions and marries a supermodel, as opposed to becoming a character out of Springsteen's "Glory Days," boozily reminiscing at the neighborhood dive bar. So Brady has plenty of haters, even though he's not really a bad dude. But next to the mild-mannered, self-effacing, practically invisible Manning, the Patriot signal-caller comes off looking like a brash spotlight hog. If Brady and wife Giselle are the Brangelina of the NFL, then Manning and college sweetheart Abby McGrew are the Matthew Broderick/Sarah Jessica Parker of the NFL. (I think.)

So, following a recent poll which found that a majority of married women would prefer to have an affair with Manning over Brady, several ladies, led by actress Alison Haislip, "President" of the "Eli Manning Fan Club," made a video for Funny or Die explaining exactly why Tom Brady is an asshole. Granted, having dated Tara Reid and promoted Uggs doesn't make one a monster, but it's certainly not something you want put on blast.